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7 Best Aquarium Air Pumps to Maintain Good Air Supply

Aquarium air pumps are an important accessory for all kinds of tanks. They are needed not just for pumping in oxygen but also for water circulation. An aquarium pump is also what you need to run those cute aerating aquarium toys and decorations.

The basic purpose of a fish tank air pump is to pull oxygen from the atmosphere outside the tank and pump it through the water in the tank.

This oxygen is needed by fish and if you have very active fish in your tank they probably need more of it. Aquarium air pumps take care of this by creating air bubbles in the water.

Use of an air pump in a fish tank

For Aeration

Fish breathe underwater by taking in the oxygen that is dissolved in the water. While the water can always absorb oxygen from above its surface in the tank but that is not enough to meet the oxygen requirement of the fish. This is where the air pump for the fish tank steps in and provides the amount of oxygen sufficient for the fish.

A fish air pump facilitates surface agitation and gas exchange. When it releases bubbles in the water, the oxygen at the surface of the water makes its way in and the carbon-di-oxide in the water makes its way out.

For Filters

A lot of filters like the under gravel filter and sponge filters need an air pump for functioning. As these pumps power the water filters, they also help in developing bacteria colonies in the filter.

Sponge filters do not have a motor attached to them and they need an air pump for the sponge filter to function. You need a sponge filter in your tank because they help in the thriving of beneficial bacteria in the fish tank. The air thrust from the aquarium pump pushes air through the sponge filter to make it work.

For Quarantine Tanks

When you quarantine a sick fish in a separate tank, you have to raise the temperature of the water for the fish for it to fight the infection. It leads to oxygen loss in the water that can be avoided with an air pump in the quarantine aquarium.

Using an air pump for the aquarium will let you raise the temperature without losing any oxygen from the water.

For Bubble Maker Ornaments

Haven’t you spent time watching the bubble maker ornaments release tiny crystal clear bubbles into the water of your fish tank, as your fish wade through it? These air bubbles are not just entertainment for you but also your fish.

A lot of aquarium decorations need the fish tank pump to function. Treasure chests, divers, submarines, fake corals, and volcanoes add the fun element to a simple aquarium.

For Air Stones

Air pumps are also used for air stones in the fish tank. These air stones let out tiny bubbles when the air pump pushes oxygen through them.

For Protein Skimmers

Protein skimmers remove protein and organic water from the fish tank. They use an air stone powered by the air pump to do this.

We looked at some of the air pumps that are an excellent buy for your fish tank. With so many choices available, these aquarium air pump reviews will help you make an easy selection.

Top Fish Tank Air Pumps’ Reviews

Tetra Whisper Air Pump

The tetra air pump can easily be considered the quietest aquarium air pump that you can get for your fish tank. It makes the minimum amount of noise while giving you maximum airflow. A loud air pump is disturbing for you as well as your fish.


  • This silent air pump has a dome-shaped suspended motor
  • Its sound dampening chambers reduce its sound and turbulence to the minimum possible levels
  • The wide rubber feet reduce the vibrations that are generally felt in other air pumps
  • It is available in different models for 10/20/40/60 and 100-gallon capacity fish tanks
  • It can be used in tanks that are deep up to 8 feet
  • This fish pump can be used easily with air stones and protein skimmers for saltwater fish tanks
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

What We Like

  • The silence! Its patented dome shape makes the pump work efficiently in silence
  • Its rubber-soled feet are designed to reduce the vibrations caused by the pump when placed on a flat surface like a tabletop.

Eheim Air Pump

Along with the Tetra air pump, the Eheim air pump can also be called the best aquarium air pump in the silent air pump category.


  • It can be used in all kinds of aquariums
  • This pump is ideal for fink tanks with a water capacity of 60 gallons or less
  • This model has two adjustable air outlets, each with an output of 26 gallons per hour
  • With two diffusers mounted on suction cups, this air pump can be installed with ease anywhere in the fish tank
  • It can be used in a tank with a depth of 6-7 feet
  • This air pump aquarium has a sturdy and compact design
  • An eyelet at the back of the pump can be used to wall-mount it
  • Its energy requirement is 3.5 W

What We Like

  • This pump can be used with a variety of aquarium accessories like air-powered aquarium ornaments, air stones, and protein skimmers.
  • The rubberized corners, diaphragm shell, environment, and feet of the pump do not create any unwanted noise
  • The minimum level of vibrations prevents this pump from shifting or moving around

Aquaculture Aquarium Air Pump

The 20-60 gallon aqua culture air pumps are a good buy if you are looking for a small air pump.


  • It is a double outlet pump that is ideal for a 20-60-gallon fish tank
  • It can pump up to 2800cc of water per minute
  • Does not need oil

What We Like

  • This pump allows as many as 6 devices to be connected to it

KEDSUM Aquarium Air Pump

If you are looking for a good battery-operated aquarium air pump, then it is a good buy in this category. This pump keeps giving oxygen to your tank when there is no power so it is perfect for places that have power cuts.


  • It is powered by a built-in 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can run for up to 20 hours
  • Although it is not a large aquarium air pump, it has a powerful motor and two air outlets that lead to a large amount of aeration.
  • The flow rate of this fish tank aerator is 2.5L/min x 2
  • This fish pump can function in both marine and freshwater aquariums
  • It can be used for tanks with capacity ranging from 5-50 gallons
  • Two check valves keep the water from flowing back into the pump
  • The continuous mode of this pump can be used for stabilizing a large number of bubbles and intermittent mode for extending the working time without charging the fish pump

What We Like

  • Unlike any other battery-powered aquarium air pump, this one does not need replaceable batteries. It can be easily charged through its USB port using any laptop, mobile charger, or even a power bank.
  • You can use it for fish transportation or in quarantine tanks
  • It creates a good water circulation and releases a lot of air bubbles into the water
  • It can be used as an emergency oxygen pump
  • This energy-efficient pump does not get overheated
  • It is one of the best aquarium air pumps that are battery-powered and silent. With sound levels of a minimum of 35dB, it sounds like the rustling of leaves.

NICREW UFO Aquarium Air Pump

This ultra silent aquarium aerator is a great pick for creating a healthier environment for your fish.


  • It has a unique and trendy dome shape that looks very attractive
  • The integrated sound-dampening chambers allow it to work silently
  • The rubber feet and suspended motor flatten the sound wave frequencies leading to a quieter ambiance for both you and your fish
  • This fish pump aerator works well with both marine and freshwater aquariums
  • This air pump comes in two variants: 1.7 W with one outlet and 2.5 W with two outlets

What We Like

  • The pump comes with an air tube, a check valve, and an airstone. So, you do not have to worry about buying these accessories separately.
  • It gives a reliable performance

UPMCT Aquarium Air Pump

This fish pump is a good buy in the reasonably priced air pump category.


  • This air pump has two outlets that allow you to attach more than one fish tank and accessories
  • The energy efficiency of this tank is 3W and the maximum flow rate is 2.5 L x 2
  • The flow rate is adjustable according to the size of the tank
  • It can be used for fish tanks with up to 80-gallon capacity

What We Like

  • The rubber feet on the base of this pump absorb any noise created by friction
  • It comes with two check valves, two air stones, and long silicone tubing that can be cut as per the requirement

PERSUPER Aquarium Air Pump

This eco-friendly super quiet air pump is a perfect addition to your fish tank or tanks as it comes with multiple outlets.


  • It has four outlets and allows you to attach multiple aquarium accessories
  • This aerator is perfect for both freshwater and marine tanks of capacity ranging from 20 to 600 gallons
  • It generates a static and adjustable flow of 180 gallons per hour

What We Like

  • The control dial lets you adjust the airflow
  • It is super quiet and does not create any disturbance for either you or the fish. The maximum sound level does not exceed 30 DB
  • The eco-friendly pump is energy efficient as it is made from premium material

Things to consider before investing in an air pump for your aquarium

You can decide which one of these is the best aquarium air pump for your fish tank based on what is more important to you. Some of these are silent pumps while the others are battery-powered. Depending on your requirement pick one that also suits your budget.

Do not buy a cheap air pump since it will neither be durable nor will it serve the purpose of providing ample oxygen to the fish.

Some other things that you must keep in mind before buying an air pump fish tank are:

  • The aquarium pump you decide to buy depends on the number of accessories you plan to connect to the air pump. The more things you run, the larger pump you need. It is better to decide the number so that you can buy a pump accordingly.
  • The best aquarium pump is one that suffices the oxygen requirement, is within your budget, and can accommodate all your accessories like a fish tank bubbler.
  • If you have a deep fish tank, buy an air pump that is specially designed for them. The pump must be able to push air down the water surface
  • Buy a larger air pump so that you don’t need to replace one in case you plan to add one or two additional aquarium decorations or air stones.