Adventure Aquarium: The Thrilling World of Marine Life

Adventure Aquarium is one of the best places to plan your family day out. It is also an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, animal lovers, or people looking to spend a day with marine creatures.

There are many fascinating and unique species to discover as you explore the various exhibits and habitats here. Visitors can get hands-on experiences in a safe and controlled environment.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ll tell you why it is the most popular attraction for visitors of all ages and cover every piece of information you need to simplify your holiday.

Where is Adventure Aquarium Located?

The Adventure Aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Dr, Camden, New Jersey 08103, United States of America.

Below are more details about this aquarium:

Best Time to VisitJuly, August, September, and early winter months of October, November, and December
Suggested Visit Duration2-3 hours
Visiting HoursMonday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 am to 4:00 am Saturday – Sunday: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Ticket PricesGeneral Admission (Ages 13-64): $27.99 – $41.99 Children (Ages 2-12): $18.99 – $34.99 Senior (Ages 65+): $25.99 – $42.99 Toddlers (Ages 0-2): Free
SpecialtyExciting exhibits with more than 8,500 aquatic species, including sharks, penguins, sea turtles, and many others.
Address1 Riverside Dr, Camden, NJ 08103, USA (View on Maps)
Contact Number(s)+1 844-474-3474

What is the History of Adventure Aquarium?

Adventure Aquarium has a rich history dating back to 1992. It first opened as the New Jersey State Aquarium. At the time, it was the only major aquarium in the region and home to a wide range of marine life.

In 2005, it underwent a significant renovation. It rebranded as Adventure Aquarium, with a renewed focus on creating a fun and engaging experience for visitors. Besides it also included the addition of new exhibits and interactive displays.

Interesting Facts

  • It is home to the most extensive collection of sharks on the East Coast. You can spot over 30 species, including sand tigers and blacktip sharks.
  • The aquarium features a 40-foot walk-through tunnel. Here, visitors can experience the thrill of walking underwater, surrounded by hundreds of sea creatures, such as Australian Lungfish, African Penguins and Moon Jellies.
  • It’s West African river experience exhibit allows visitors to witness some of the world’s largest freshwater species, like Freshwater Stingrays and Red-Bellied Piranha, closely.
  • It is one of the largest aquariums in the United States, with over 2 million visitors annually.
  • It is the only aquarium in the world that exhibits hippos. It is home to Button and Genny, two Nile hippos who weigh over 3,000 pounds each.
  • Visitors also get to experience snorkeling with sand tiger sharks.

Is there a Free Admission for Adventure Aquarium?

Visitors can occasionally get offers of free admission for specific groups or on certain days. However, the schedule for these events can vary.

Here are a few ways you might be able to get free admission:

Military Discount: It is available for active-duty military personnel by showing their military ID at the ticket window.

Membership: Members can receive free admission for an entire year. The silver membership costs $64.99, the gold membership is $89.99, and the platinum is $139.99.

The different membership plans offer an array of benefits to members, like an invitation to exclusive events, gift shop discounts, discounted parking, bring-a-friend tickets, and many more. A membership may be a good option if you visit the aquarium multiple times, saving you time and money.

Promotional Offers: It sometimes offers promotional discounts or free admission for special events or holidays.

If you plan your visit during community days, you could encounter a large crowd. So, plan your trip accordingly.

How Much are Adventure Aquarium Tickets?

The ticket prices for the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey, are as follows.

  • General Admission (Ages 13-64): $27.99 – $41.99
  • Children (Ages 2-12): $18.99 – $34.99
  • Senior (Ages 65+): $25.99 – $42.99
  • Toddlers (Ages 0-2): Free

You can purchase tickets on the official website.

Simply select the date and time of your visit. Choose the type of ticket you need and complete the checkout process. Besides, the aquarium also allows you to purchase tickets onsite at the ticket window.

Is there any Discount on Adventure Aquarium Tickets?

Adventure Aquarium allows visitors to get a discounted ticket from time to time. There are several ways to get discounts on tickets.

Here are a few options:

  • Online Discounts: You might get a discounted ticket if you make a reservation online, although online discounts are not fixed. The aquarium might come up with different discounts from time to time.
  • Group Discount: If you are visiting with a group of 20 or more, you may be eligible for a group discount. Contact the aquarium’s group sales department at the ticket counter or online for more information.
  • AAA Discount: AAA members, or members of the American Automobile Association, may be eligible for a discount on the tickets.
  • Senior Discounts: Visitors who are above 65 years of age can get a $2 discount on their admission tickets. They only need to show their ID when getting a ticket.

How can you Buy Gift Cards for Adventure Aquarium?

You can purchase gift cards for the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey online or in person.

Here’s how:

  • Online from Official Website: Visit the aquarium’s official website and click on the “Gift Cards” link at the bottom of the page. You can mail your recipient an e-gift card or a physical gift card. Select the amount you would like to gift and complete the checkout process.
  • In-person: You can purchase gift cards at the ticket window or gift shop during your visit.
  • From Third-party Website: You can also buy a gift card form GiftRocket.

You can use the gift cards to purchase admission tickets, membership, and merchandise. In addition, the gift card will have a unique code that you can redeem online or in person.

The gift cards may have restrictions or expiration dates. So, read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing or gifting a gift card.

What are Different Animals to see at Adventure Aquarium?

Adventure Aquarium offers several animal encounters that allow visitors to get up close and personal with various animals. The number of encounters available may vary depending on the season.

However, typically, it offers several encounters throughout the year. Like:

Hippo Encounter

Hippo underwater
Hippo © Adventure Aquarium

Visitors can meet Button and Genny, the Adventure Aquarium’s Nile hippos. During this encounter, visitors get a tour of their habitat and the opportunity to feed and interact with the hippos. The additional cost for this encounter is $199.99 per person.

Penguin Encounter

Visitors can interact with African penguins during this encounter. It includes a behind-the-scenes tour and the opportunity to feed and touch the penguins. This encounter is available at an extra charge of $59.99 per person.

Shark Encounter

This experience takes visitors on a behind-the-scenes tour of the 550,000-gallon Shark Realm exhibit. Besides, it includes the opportunity to feed and touch various sharks and rays. The additional charge for this encounter is $179.99 per person.

Stingray Encounter

Visitors can feed and touch various species of stingrays during this encounter. It takes place in the aquarium’s Stingray Beach Club exhibit. The additional charge for the encounter stands at $29.99 per person.

Sea Turtle Encounter

Sea Turtle
Turtle © Adventure Aquarium

During this encounter, visitors can go behind the scenes to meet and learn about the rescued sea turtles. Besides, they can help to prepare and feed them. This encounter with be chargeable at $79.99 per person.

To book any encounter, you would need to make reservations. So, you can go to the aquarium’s website or visit it.

What are the Exhibits at Adventure Aquarium?

It also has various exhibits featuring marine and freshwater animals worldwide. These exhibits make visiting here more interesting. The cost of these exhibits is included in the general ticket price.

Here are some of the main exhibits:

Shark Realm

This exhibit is home to various species of sharks, including sand tiger, sandbar, nurse, and blacktip reef sharks. Visitors can walk through a 40-foot shark tunnel and watch the sharks swim overhead.

Ocean Realm

This exhibit features a 550,000-gallon tank with various animals, including sea turtles, stingrays, and fish species. Visitors can also watch live diving shows featuring divers feeding and interacting with the animals.

African Penguins

Two african penguins
African Penguins © Adventure Aquarium

This exhibit features a colony of African penguins. Visitors can watch them swim and play above and below water. Mostly, these penguins are native to Africa. So, they are a rare sight to watch in the USA.


The aquarium is home to two Nile hippos, Button and Genny. They have an underwater viewing area. Here, visitors can watch them swim and play.


This interactive exhibit allows visitors to touch and feel various sharks and rays.

Stingray Beach Club

Visitors can touch and feed various species of stingrays in this interactive exhibit.


This exhibit is designed for younger visitors and features hands-on activities, touch tanks with various animals, and interactive displays. In addition to these exhibits, it has several other exhibits featuring animals such as jellyfish, seahorses, and sea dragons.

Adventure Aquarium also offers various shows, educational programs, and animal encounters, allowing visitors to learn more about the animals and their habitats.

The hours for these exhibits are as follows:

  • Monday through Friday: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Which Live Cams can you Watch at Adventure Aquarium?

The aquarium offers several live animal cams that allow visitors to watch the animals in real-time from anywhere. Some of the live cams are as follows:

  • Shark Cam
  • Hippo Cam
  • Penguin Cam
  • Jelly Cam
  • Coral Reef Cam

The availability of the live cams may depend on the season and the animal’s behavior. Besides, the aquarium may add or remove live cams over time.

What are the Learning Opportunities at Adventure Aquarium?

It offers many learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. These learning opportunities make your trip truly mesmerizing.

Here are some of the ways you can learn about marine life and conservation:

Educational Programs

It offers a variety of educational programs. These include behind-the-scenes tours, sleepovers, and hands-on activities. These programs are designed for different age groups and cover marine biology, conservation, and animal behavior topics.

Shows and Presentations

Throughout the day, Adventure Aquarium offers a range of shows and presentations featuring live animals. These shows are designed to be entertaining as well as educational. Besides, these give visitors a better understanding of the animals and their habitats.

Animal Encounters

Adventure Aquarium offers several animal encounters, allowing visitors to witness many animals closely. Visitors can see various animals, including penguins, sharks, and sea turtles.

During these encounters, visitors can learn about the animals’ behavior, diet, and natural habitats.

Interactive Exhibits

Many of the exhibits here are interactive. So, they allow visitors to touch and feel various animals and learn about their unique features. For example, visitors can touch and feel a shark’s skin in the Touch-A-Shark exhibit.

In addition, at the Stingray Beach Club, visitors can touch and feed various species of stingrays.

Conservation Efforts

The aquarium is committed to conservation efforts and offers various educational programs and activities. These focus on conservation and sustainability. The programs include information about plastic pollution, climate change, and other environmental issues.

It offers a variety of educational opportunities that are both fun and informative. So, a student, teacher, or someone who wants to learn more about marine life and conservation can gather as much knowledge as possible.

Can You Celebrate Events at Adventure Aquarium?

Yes, it also hosts and allows you to host many events. You can always get in touch with the coordinating team of the aquarium to organize these events. They can guide you about the booking procedures and help you with the subsequent steps.

Here are a few events that you can host here:


It offers birthday party packages, including admission to the aquarium, a private party room, food and drinks, and other amenities. There are several different packages to choose from.

The package depends on the birthday child’s age and the party’s size.

  • The Basic Birthday Party package includes admission, a one-hour private party room, pizza and beverages, and a gift for the birthday child.
  • The Deluxe Birthday Party package includes all of the above. Besides, it also includes a guided tour. Also, you can get a special animal encounter with a penguin, shark, or sea turtle.
  • The Ultimate Birthday Party package includes all you get in a deluxe package. Also, you can get a customized cake, a digital photo album, and a behind-the-scenes tour.


Adventure Aquarium also offers event spaces for weddings and other special occasions. Its unique setting and variety of exhibits can make for a memorable and exciting wedding experience.

It offers several event spaces that accommodate different wedding and reception sizes. For example, the Currents Ballroom can accommodate up to 250 guests and offers stunning views of the Delaware River and the Philadelphia skyline.

The Ocean Realm Gallery can accommodate up to 400 guests and provides a unique underwater atmosphere for your reception. There are also several smaller event spaces available for more intimate weddings.

In addition, It also offers various wedding packages that can include catering and bar services. You can also get a customized wedding cake, a private tour, and an animal encounter.

The events team can work with you to customize your wedding to meet your specific needs and preferences. They can help with everything from decor and lighting to entertainment and transportation.


Adventure Aquarium in Camden offers sleepover events. These events provide a unique opportunity for visitors to spend the night here. Besides, they can explore behind the scenes.

Here are some facts about sleepover events:

  • The sleepover events are designed for groups such as scout troops, schools, and families.
  • Visitors will have exclusive access to the aquarium after hours during the event. Besides, they will be able to participate in a variety of activities.
  • The sleepover events typically include a pizza dinner, a continental breakfast, and snacks throughout the night. Guests will sleep in a designated area, such as the Shark Realm or the Ocean Realm.
  • They can observe the fish and other aquatic animals as they sleep.

Corporate events

Adventure Aquarium offers event spaces for corporate events. You can book the space for meetings, conferences, team-building activities, and other corporate functions.

Its event spaces can accommodate different groups, from small meetings to larger conferences. You can also book smaller spaces by contacting the Aquarium team.

New Year’s Eve

It also offers a special New Year’s Eve event called “New Year’s Eve Splash.” It is a family-friendly event with access to the exhibits, live music, a DJ, and a midnight countdown celebration.

Visitors will have exclusive access after hours during the New Year’s Eve Splash event. It allows them to explore the exhibits and enjoy special activities and entertainment. The event includes many family-friendly activities, such as face painting.


It offers a family-friendly Halloween event called “Hallowmarine.” This event takes place on select days in October and includes access to the exhibits. Visitors can engage in special Halloween activities and live entertainment.

The Hallowmarine event is included with general admission to the aquarium. Besides, visitors are encouraged to wear costumes and participate in the costume contest. Food and drink options are available for purchase.

Are there Food Options Adventure Aquarium?

There are many dining options for visitors. Visitors can select from both quick-service and full-service restaurants.

Feeding Frenzy Cafe

Timing: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

The main restaurant is called the Feeding Frenzy Cafe. It offers a variety of food options, including sandwiches, salads, burgers, pizza, and more. The menu also includes vegetarian and gluten-free options and a children’s menu.

The Feeding Frenzy Cafe is located on the second level and offers indoor and outdoor seating with views of the Delaware River.

Marketplace Cafe

Timing: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

For a quick bite, visitors can also check out the Marketplace Cafe. It offers grab-and-go items such as sandwiches, salads, and snacks.

In addition to the restaurants, several snack and beverage stands are located throughout the aquarium. These offer soft pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, and soda.

Breakfast With The Sharks

For visitors who want a unique dining experience, Adventure Aquarium also offers a “Breakfast with the Sharks” event. It includes a private breakfast in the Shark Realm exhibit, a guided tour, and a special animal encounter.

This event requires reservations and additional fees.

Are there Gift Shops at the Adventure Aquarium?

Adventure Aquarium has several gift shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs, apparel, toys, and other items to commemorate their visit.

Marketplace Gift Shop

The main gift shop is the Marketplace Gift Shop, near the entrance. This shop offers various items, including t-shirts, hats, toys, plush animals, and other souvenirs. Some items also feature popular animal exhibits like the shark and penguin exhibits.

Other Gift Shops

In addition to the main gift shop, several smaller gift shops are located at different places here. You can find one near the shark exhibit and another near the hippopotamus exhibit.

These shops offer a selection of items related to the animals and exhibits in their respective areas. Other specialty items at gift shops include keychains, magnets, shot glasses, and postcards.

Rescue And Conservation

Adventure Aquarium is committed to promoting and supporting animal rescue and conservation efforts.

One of the ways it does this is by working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and other organizations. This way, it promotes conservation and research programs that help protect animals and their habitats.

It has a dedicated animal rescue team that responds to calls for assistance from several organizations. The team is trained to rescue and rehabilitate animals. Besides, they work to release them back into their natural habitats whenever possible.

Aquarium Map

The destination is divided into several different exhibit areas, including.

  1. Ocean Realm: This area features a 40-foot underwater tunnel that allows visitors to walk through the middle of a 550,000-gallon tank filled with sharks, sea turtles, and other marine life.
  2. Shark Realm: This exhibit area features a 550,000-gallon tank home to several species of sharks.
  3. Penguin Island: The Penguin Island exhibit area is home to a colony of African penguins. It allows visitors to watch them as they swim and play.
  4. Stingray Beach Club: This exhibit area features a touch tank where visitors can interact with stingrays and other marine life.
  5. Currents Ballroom: Currents Ballroom is an exhibit area featuring a large tank filled with colorful fish, rays, sea turtles, and interactive exhibits. These teach visitors about ocean currents and the impact of climate change on marine life.
  6. Creature Feature: This exhibit area features a variety of smaller tanks. They are home to various marine life, including seahorses, jellyfish, and clownfish.

There are also several other exhibit areas and attractions throughout the aquarium. You can explore a 4D theater and a shark bridge. It allows visitors to walk over the shark tank.

You can find a detailed map of the Adventure Aquarium on their official website. Or you can also pick up a printed map when you visit.

How to Reach Adventure Aquarium?

It is located in the central and commercial areas of the city. So it is easily accessible. Sufficient parking is available at the aquarium, where you can park safely.

What are the Directions for Adventure Aquarium?

Here are some ways to reach this destination:

How to Reach Adventure Aquarium By Car?

If you are driving, you can use the following address for GPS navigation: 1 Riverside Drive, Camden, NJ 08103. There is a parking garage adjacent, and parking fees apply.

How to Reach Adventure Aquarium By Public Transportation?

You can also reach the Adventure Aquarium by taking public transportation. You can take the PATCO high-speed train from Philadelphia to Camden City Hall Station. It is a 10-minute walk.

You can take an NJ Transit bus from other parts of New Jersey to the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden. Then, you can hop on a transfer to the River LINE light rail system. It has a stop near the aquarium.

How to Reach Adventure Aquarium By Ferry?

If you come from Philadelphia, you can also take the RiverLink Ferry. The ferry operates between Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia and the Camden waterfront. It drops off passengers at the Camden Waterfront, a short walk from the aquarium.

The Adventure Aquarium has a parking garage located adjacent, with direct access to the entrance. Here is some information about parking:

Is Parking Available at Adventure Aquarium?

The current parking rates at parking garages in Camden are as follows:

  • Up to 1 hour: $10
  • 1 to 4 hours: $15
  • Over 4 hours: $20
  • Oversized vehicles (SUVs, trucks, etc.): Additional $5 fee

Payment: The parking garage accepts cash and credit cards as payment. There are also payment kiosks on the garage’s ground floor and near the entrance. These accept credit cards and cash.

Handicap-accessible parking: The parking garage has reserved parking spaces for visitors with disabilities near the entrance.

Re-entry: If you need to leave the parking garage and re-enter on the same day, you can show your parking ticket to the attendant when you return.

What are the Hotels Near Adventure Aquarium?

Some of the closest hotels to Adventure Aquarium include:

Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing (Closest Hotel)

Distance: 4.1 miles

This hotel is located just across the river from the aquarium in Philadelphia and offers views of the Delaware River and the Ben Franklin Bridge. This hotel is located at a distance of 4.1 miles.

Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District (Great Food And Supportive Staff)

Distance: 3.2 miles

The hotel is also located in Philadelphia and is 3.2 miles. It is just a short 11-minute drive or train ride. Besides, it offers easy access to many historic sites and attractions.

Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel (Great Reviews)

Distance: 4.1 miles

This hotel is located in Philadelphia’s historic Society Hill neighborhood. The hotel has a very friendly staff. Also, it is close to other popular attractions.

Holiday Inn Express Philadelphia-Midtown (Best Comfort)

Distance: 4.2 miles

This hotel is in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. It offers easy access to many dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Also, it is very close to the aquarium.

Courtyard By Marriott Philadelphia South At The Navy Yard (Comfortable Stay)

Distance: 8.8 miles

This hotel is in the Navy Yard district of Philadelphia. It offers modern amenities and easy access to many attractions.

What are the Restaurants Near Adventure Aquarium?

Several restaurants nearby allow you to taste some of the best delicacies with your family and kids.

The Victor Pub (Best Craft Beer)

Distance: 0.3 miles

This restaurant is located next to the aquarium and offers a variety of pub-style food and drinks, including burgers, sandwiches, and craft beer.

Morgan’s Pier (Best Seafood)

Distance: 3.5 miles

This outdoor bar and restaurant are located on the Delaware River waterfront. It is only a short walk from the aquarium. They offer a range of food and drink options, including seafood, salads, and cocktails.

Moshulu (Best Lobster)

Distance: 5.1 miles

This upscale restaurant is on a historic ship docked on the Delaware River. It offers stunning views of the waterfront and the Philadelphia skyline. The seafood-focused menu offers the best dishes, like lobster risotto and seared scallops.

Bain’s Deli (Best Deli)

Distance: 0.2 miles

This American restaurant is located nearby. They offer a range of American dishes. Their deli is the most loved among visitors.

The Camden Waterfront (Best Sports Bar)

Distance: 0.9 miles

There are several other dining options located on the Camden waterfront. You can explore Chickie’s & Pete’s, a popular sports bar and seafood restaurant. You can also explore some great American cuisines at this place.

What are the Tourist Attractions Near Adventure Aquarium?

There are many great attractions surrounding the Adventure Aquarium. Exploring these attractions is a must for a wholesome vacation.

Camden Waterfront

Distance: 0.9 miles

The Camden Waterfront is a bustling area home to the Adventure Aquarium. It also has other popular attractions like the Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial and the BB&T Pavilion, an outdoor concert venue.

The waterfront also features several parks, restaurants, and shops.

Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial

Distance: 0.9 miles

The Battleship New Jersey is a retired battleship converted into a museum and memorial. Visitors can explore the ship’s decks, gun turrets, and living quarters. They can learn about its role in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Camden Children’s Garden

Distance: 0.2 miles

The Camden Children’s Garden is an interactive garden designed for children to explore and learn about nature. The garden features several themed areas, including a dinosaur garden, a butterfly house, and a treehouse.

Independence Hall

Distance: 3.6 miles

While not located in Camden, Independence Hall is a famous attraction across the river in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Independence Hall is where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were signed.

Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the building’s history and significance.

Can you work at the Adventure Aquarium?

Several job opportunities are available if you want to work here. These range from entry-level positions to management roles.

Here are a few examples of the types of jobs that are typically available:

  • Guest Services: Guest Services employees greet visitors and sell tickets and memberships. They also provide information about the exhibits and attractions.
  • Animal Care: Animal Care employees care for the aquarium’s animals. It can also include feeding them and cleaning their habitats. Besides, you would also have to monitor their health and behavior.
  • Education: Education employees lead tours, present educational programs, and engage visitors in hands-on learning activities.
  • Facilities and Maintenance: Facilities and Maintenance employees are responsible for keeping the facilities and equipment clean. They also ensure that these are in good working order. Besides, their job is to ensure the building is safe and secure.

To apply for a job at the Adventure Aquarium, visit their website and browse their current job openings. Many positions require previous experience or a specific skill set, so read the job descriptions carefully. Submit a resume and cover letter that highlights your relevant qualifications.

It also offers internships and volunteer opportunities. It can be a great way to gain experience and learn more about working in the industry.

Does Adventure Aquarium Accept Donations?

Adventure Aquarium does accept donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations. Donations can be made online through the official website, mail, or phone.

It accepts various types of donations, including one-time gifts and recurring donations. Planned gifts such as bequests and charitable trusts are also part of donations here.

To donate, click here.

What are the Reviews of Adventure Aquarium?

Reviews of the aquarium are generally positive, with many visitors praising the variety of exhibits and knowledgeable and friendly staff. It has a very fun and engaging atmosphere.

However, some reviewers note that it can be crowded and that parking can be challenging, especially on weekends.

You can find many favorable reviews on websites like Tripadvisor. The aquarium has a 4/5 rating. These reviews will help you decide about visiting this place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adventure Aquarium free?

No, admission to the aquarium is not free. It is a nonprofit organization that relies on admission fees, donations, and other sources of revenue to fund its operations, animal care, and conservation efforts.
The cost of admission varies depending on the time of year, day of the week, and age of the visitor. Only children under two years old are admitted for free.

How big is Adventure Aquarium?

The Adventure Aquarium, located in Camden, New Jersey, covers approximately 200,000 square feet (18,581 square meters). It features numerous exhibits and attractions showcasing marine life, including sharks, penguins, sea turtles, jellyfish, and more.

How long to spend at the Adventure aquarium?

The amount of time you should plan to spend at Adventure Aquarium will depend on your interests, the size of your group, and how much time you have available. On average, visitors spend 2-3 hours exploring it and its various exhibits.

How much is parking?

The parking rates at the parking garage near the aquarium are as follows.
Weekday (Monday – Friday): $10 per vehicle
Weekend (Saturday – Sunday) and holidays: $12 per vehicle

Is the aquarium worth it?

Adventure Aquarium is a popular attraction and has received positive reviews from many visitors. It offers a variety of exhibits and attractions showcasing marine life from around the world, including sharks, penguins, sea turtles, and more.
It has an impressive collection of marine animals and also features interactive exhibits, animal encounters, and educational programs. So, it is an excellent destination for visitors of all ages.

Other Nearby Aquariums

A word from FishInAquarium

Overall, Adventure Aquarium is an excellent destination for families, animal lovers, and anyone looking for an engaging and educational experience. It features various exhibits and attractions, including touch tanks. It has interactive displays and a massive shark tank that is worth exploring.

The aquarium can sometimes be crowded, and parking can be a challenge. However, these minor inconveniences are outweighed by the many benefits of visiting this place.

Visiting this destination is a great way to learn, have fun, and appreciate the ocean’s wonders.

We hope you got all the information that you were looking for about this aquarium. Remember to share this information with your friends and family looking forward to a trip here.

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