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Aquarium Coffee Table Ideas to Brighten Your Living Room

Aquarium Coffee Table– An aquarium is a great way to liven up your living room. Most fish tanks are either wall-mounted or tabletop aquariums that often find a place only at a corner of the room.

A fish tank coffee table is a great way to bring these fish right to the center of your house.

A coffee table aquarium is designed to look like a table where the tabletop is the top of your fish tank. Your guests can enjoy watching the fish as you entertain them in your living room and you too can enjoy your cup of morning coffee as you see them frolic around.

Why an aquarium coffee table is a good idea

  • They are unique

Fish coffee tables are unique and they become the show stopper of your house. They draw the attention of anyone who visits your house. An aquarium coffee table is almost always a conversation starter.

  • Good for the kids

If you have kids in your house, you can keep them entertained with a table fish tank. Seeing the vibrant tropical fish swimming around would keep them glued to it for hours.

  • A 360-degree view

You don’t have to worry about the aquarium background as in this aquarium you get an unobstructed view of the fish from all sides. 

  • They free up space

Since these fish tanks also serve as your coffee table, they free up space in your house or on the wall. 

Let’s show you some aquarium table ideas that would add a wow factor to your living room.

  • Octagon Aquarium

Octagon Aquarium

This octagon aquarium is the ideal coffee table tank you would love to have in your house. It allows you to keep a variety of tropical fish in your fish tank table. The tabletop is wider than the tank and keeps you at a distance from the fish. 

Clear coffee table fish tanks let you get creative with the aquascaping. You can create a pirate theme, a mermaid setting, or just keep it nature-themed with the right aquarium decorations. 

  • Midwest Fountain Aqua Coffe Table

● Midwest Fountain Aqua Coffe Table

This coffee table is handcrafted and its long length enables you to entertain your guests easily. It can house your freshwater and tropical fish in a nature-themed setting. This tank table looks beautiful and impressive and is made of acrylic.

The clear top gives a clear of the fish below and the base of the table hides any unsightly wires. This table aquarium is the perfect place for you to sit and enjoy some time with family and friends. The glass top can be easily removed to clean the fish tank.

  • Rectangle coffee table

● Rectangle coffee table

This aquarium coffee table is just what you need to beautifully offset your couch and rug. A sturdy glass tabletop placed at a gap from the fish tank does not cause any shock to the fish when you place something on the top. 

The glass legs that support the tabletop look very elegant and keep the glass in place. If you wish to not keep any gap between the top and the fish tank, you can easily remove these short legs. This would keep your active fish from jumping out or splashing water around.

An ecological filtration system and hidden LED lights make this fish tank attractive and easy to maintain. Rollers at the base of the table make it easy to move around. You can place this tank on a rug so your guests can sit down and enjoy watching your fish. 

  • The aquarium end table

● The aquarium end table

Made from acrylic, this square end table is another option for your living room. This one is a little smaller and can be placed between couches. The small fish tank is easy to maintain and is perfect for small houses. 

It is made from scratch-resistant acrylic that is long-lasting and easy to clean. Its small size lets you move around this table easily.
Before you opt for an aquarium coffee table fish tank, you must bear in mind a few constraints that such an aquarium might pose. 

  • Stress to the fish

Anything kept on the table with a loud bang may startle the fish as it might send mild tremors into the water and cast a shadow on the water. Pets like a dog or a cat may cause stress to the fish by barking at the fish or clawing at the fish tank.

  • Difficult to move

Unlike a regular coffee table, it would be tricky to move this one around as it might cause the water to splash around, disturbing the fish and the setting inside your aquarium

  • Maintenance

The exposed wires need to be taken care of so that the coffee table looks neat. Since the fish coffee table is placed at the center of your room, you must keep it clean at all times. Make sure there are no scratches on the top or at the sides of the tank.