6 Best Aquarium Gravel Ideas for Home Aquarium

aquarium gravel 


If you have become the proud owner of an aquarium and are making a list of all the essentials you want to buy for it, aquarium gravel must be on this list. 

When the aquascaping of a fish tank is well planned, it leads to happy fish and a beautiful aquarium. 

Starting from the base of the aquarium, the very first layer needs to be of a substrate. Aquarium gravel is one of the best substrates that you can have in your fish tank. Although sand can also be used as a substrate, if you have active fish that love to scoop up sand and blow it around, you will end up having perennially dirty water. 

Aquarium rocks improve the aesthetics and the health of the fish in the tank by improving the water quality. We reviewed some aquarium gravel and picked the best based on their looks, cost, and quality.


Top Pick: Earthen color gravel


Worldwide Imports AWW30085 Natural Gravel- Rainbow Jems


This gravel is a mix of pebbles in all earthy colors like yellow, black, and brown. It replicates the look of natural habitat for fish. The pebbles are coated with 100% acrylic coating, and this non-toxic gravel does not lose its color or fade in water.

It can use in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. The pack includes a sufficient amount of gravel for a 5-gallon aquarium. The most oversized pebbles are about ½ inch, with the smallest being 1/7 inches approximately. This multicoloured gravel makes the aquarium look vibrant and is perfect for a fish tank with light-coloured fish. 


● Reasonably priced for a 5-pound pack of gravel

● Does not affect the water quality 

● Adds vibrancy



Top pick: Budget Buy Gravel


  1. Imagitarium Blue Jean Aquarium Gravel


This blue colored gravel adds a pop of vibrancy to your aquarium and looks fantastic. You can mix this with white gravel if you feel that the blue color is overpowering the other colors in the tank. The gravel is made of fish-safe, non-toxic material. This colorfast gravel does not deteriorate the water quality.

It can safely use in freshwater and marine aquariums, and it comes in three pack sizes: 1LB, 5LB, and 20LB. This gravel helps grow healthy bacteria, which helps in waste break-down and reduces the debris in your fish tank.


● No-fuss, reasonably priced gravel category

● Reduces debris in the aquarium



Top pick: Natural color gravel


  1. Pure Water Pebbles Aquarium Gravel


This freshwater natural gravel is suitable for both salt and freshwater aquariums. It gives your fish a feeling of being in their natural habitat. 

The natural colored gravel provides a perfect setting for your vibrant tropical fish. It is non-toxic and safe for your fish. The grain size for this gravel is 3.1 -6.3 mm.

With its 100%acrylic coating, this colorfast gravel does not alter the chemistry of the water. This gravel provides a good thriving base for beneficial microbes and helps in the anchoring of plants. It also aids in the filtration process by providing a good surface area for nitrifying bacteria to colonize.


● It non-toxic and is fish-safe

● Reasonably priced 

● Helps nitrifying bacteria to colonize



Top Pick: Gravel for FreshWater Aquariums


Spectrastone Shallow Creek Regular for Freshwater Aquariums


Most gravel brands cater to both salt and freshwater aquariums, but this gravel is specially meant for freshwater aquariums, and that’s what makes it interesting. This gravel has a non-toxic coating which makes it entirely safe for fish in freshwater aquariums. The size of the pebbles is between 2mm and 4 mm. This gravel is smaller than the regular aquarium gravel, and this keeps the dirt in the aquarium from falling through it.

The pH levels of the water are not affected by this aquarium gravel, and it does not create any cloudiness in the water. The pebbles are natural color and do not fade or lose color in water.

This gravel comes in durable packaging.


● Budget buy gravel

● It can easily clean it with an aquarium gravel cleaner



Top Pick: Fluorescent Gravel


CNZ Aquarium Gravel Black and Fluorescent Mix


This multicolored black and fluorescent aquarium gravel will enhance the aesthetics of your fish tank. It is mixed gravel that looks great because of its unique color. The gravel is a good mix of black and fluorescent colored pebbles that measure between 0.25 to 0.35 mm. 2 lbs of this gravel are sufficient for every one gallon of water.

The polymer-coated gravel does not affect the water quality but adds fantastic bright hues to the decor. Adding this gravel is a subtle way to infuse color in your fish tank. Can mix the fluorescent pebbles with black ones to balance out the bold colors.


● Add color to the fish tank

● Good quality 

● Reasonable price


Top Pick: Multicoloured gravel


WAYBER Decorative Pebbles Crystal Quartz Stones Rock Sand for Aquarium


This decorative multicolored gravel is just the ideal pick to jazz up your fish tank. A good mix of pebbles in attractive colors like green, blue, white, yellow, and orange make your aquarium look beautiful. The pebbles in this gravel are made of natural raw stone. You can buy this brand in various color variants like deep blue, black, clear, pink, and purple. It works best with light-colored fish as this brightly colored gravel might not bring out the colors of your tropical fish. The gravel comes in two pack sizes of 1 and 2 pounds.


● The pebbles are colorfast and non-toxic

● The pebbles are big enough to be cleaned easily in a strainer.


aquarium gravel 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Before you pick gravel for your aquarium, Some factors one should keep in mind. 

At the time of selecting the gravel for your fish tank, there are points you must consider:




Buying in bulk or large pack sizes will generally get you a good deal. It would help if you considered the price to size ratio before buying.




You buy fish-safe aquarium gravel and not just any gravel. Gravel that is not meant for fish tanks may affect the pH levels of the water, which in turn will be detrimental to the health of the fish. Buy gravel that is marked as ‘aquarium gravel.




Read the product specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the gravel is non-toxic for your fish. The health of your fish is more critical than gravel that looks great but makes your fish sick.


Size of aquarium rocks and gravel composition


You would not want fine aquarium rocks that may get stuck in the aquarium gravel cleaner. Read the product specifications to know the pebble size. The gravel composition is equally important, too, as must use some gravels only in freshwater aquariums while others can be used in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. 




Color is a matter of personal choice. You may want to put glow in the dark gravel in your fish tank, while someone else might like clear or natural colored gravel. It’s a matter of choice and the aesthetics you wish to have in your aquarium.

Although some fish owners like to keep a bare bottom tank, having a substrate like gravel makes your fish tank look great. It is excellent for the health of your fish, and it holds the aquarium decorations in place.