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Aquarium of the Pacific: Exhibits, Discounts & More

The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the most unusual attractions in Long Beach, California. It is located along the beautiful Rainbow Harbor, and it is home to a spectacular 11000 and more different marine animals.

Three main galleries showcase the three distinct parts of the Pacific Ocean and their unique inhabitants. Here, you will also find outdoor exhibits which include fascinating interactive attractions such as the horseshoe crab touch lab, penguin habitat, etc.

The Aquarium is a learning experience for people of all age groups, and it features a wide range of shows, events and learning programs. Pacific Visions, the Aquarium of the Pacific’s new wing, focuses on the impact of humans on the ocean world and how to deal with it.

This incredible Aquarium showcases the beauty of the underwater world and helps preserve and maintain its ecological balance.

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is not just an aquarium. It is also a venue for several festivals, events and special programs held throughout the year.


  • A visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach is an entertainment and an educational experience for everyone. It is a non-profit institution dedicated to preserving and promoting the world’s largest waterbody: the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Aquarium of Pacific California has three main galleries:
    • The Tropical Pacific Gallery, which is the largest of the Aquarium of the Pacific exhibits.
    • The Baja Gallery features the inhabitants of the areas that are found off the Catalina Coasts.
    • The Northern Pacific Gallery has a massive collection of sea jellies, otters and the largest octopus species in the world.
  • The exhibits in this Aquarium are over 30 in number and are displayed in 19 different habitats. The Gulf of California exhibit has a fascinating array of animals such as garden eels, Cortez rainbow wrasses, yellowtail surgeonfish, King angelfish and many more.
  • This exhibit also focuses on the effects of human activities on the ecological system of the Gulf.
  • The June Keyes Penguin Habitat gives you a chance to get up close to the Magellanic Penguins.
  • The Ocean Science Centre features a wide variety of multimedia exhibits that show how the Earth has changed over time and its causes.
  • Interactive Exhibits: There are interactive exhibits outdoors that include the Shark Lagoon, Seal and Sea Lion Exhibit, Penguin Exhibit, The Lorikeet Forest and the Marine Life Theatre.
  • The Blue Cavern Dive: Interact with divers in this massive three-storeyed tank as they clean and take care of the tank’s animals.
  • The Molina Animal Care Centre: Visit this fully equipped veterinary hospital to observe how the animals are taken care of. The Centre also treats rescued animals that are brought to the Aquarium. The Centre also has a touch pool for the horseshoe crab and the sponge and coral exhibits in the Aquarium.
  • The Ocean Exploration Gallery: This Gallery features the history of the Oceans and their explorations through the ages. The discoveries made during these explorations are represented through photographs, arts, films, videos and unique exhibits of the Aquarium.
  • Free Live Shows: These free live shows are included in your Aquarium of the Pacific tickets. In these shows, you can interact with divers, learn how these animals are cared for, watch how staff interact with the otters, seals, sea lions and other animals, interactive learning programs for kids, and so much more.
  • Lessons and Tours: These classes and tours include Aquarium of the Pacific virtual tours, audio tours, behind-the-scene tours where children and visitors go to wet areas of the Aquarium, animal encounters and other learning adventures.
  • Annual Festivals: Almost every month of the year, the Pacific’s Aquarium in Long Beach holds themed festivals and events. Some are held in Aquarium, while others take up more space and are spread out around the Rainbow Harbour. If you visit during these festivals, they are included in your Aquarium on the Pacific coast.
  • Visit the Sea Jellies Tank: Learn about these incredible creatures that do not have a heart, lungs, or brain. Get a feel at the touch tanks for moon jellies.
  • Whale Watching and Dolphin Cruise: Board the Harbor Breeze Cruise and indulge in one of the most spectacular experiences; the Aquarium of the Pacific whale watching. The tour goes on for 2 to 2.5 hours each.
  • The Incredible Story of the Southern California Steelhead: The Southern California Steelhead is one of the unique Aquarium of the Pacific animals when it comes to adaptability and its importance in the local ecosystem.

Regular Events and Shows

The events calendar of the Aquarium is a full one, and there are several virtual shows, interactive sessions, live cams, etc., that are being released regularly. Keep track of these events and shows through the official website’s events calendar.

Know more about the various events at the Aquarium of the Pacific from their official website.

  • There are regular virtual shows organized, especially during this time of the pandemic, so that you can stay updated with all the activities of your favorite animals and their activities.
  • Some of the regular events include the Baja Splash Virtual Festival, Sea Fare Virtual Fundraiser, Virtual Southeast Asia Day and lots more.
  • Live Cams: Aquarium of the Pacific also runs live shows through cams. Bring the ocean to your home with these incredible live shows.

Experiences at the Aquarium of the Pacific

A visit to this Aquarium is an overwhelming, multi-sensory experience that is educational, fun, exciting, adventurous and spellbinding all at once. More than 50 exhibits showcase over 11000 different marine animals that inhabit the world’s largest ocean.

Close Encounter with the Sharks and Rays

Connect with the sharks and rays on a one-to-one basis and learn from the best what it’s like to take care of these incredible marine animals.

These are two-hour tours that also include a behind-the-scenes tour. You not only get to feed and interact with these fascinating animals, but you also get to go underwater with one of the more giant sharks.

You will need to book the tickets for this tour two weeks in advance and apply your Aquarium of the Pacific membership discount to get a good deal.

Meet and Feed the Sea Otters

Learn all about this unique animal from the badger family to meet the otters’ tour at the Aquarium. The tour tells you about the otter’s diet and lets you feed the Aquarium of the Pacific otters from a hole in a glass wall.

The Shark Lagoon Touch Pool

Zebra Shark
Zebra Shark at The Shark Lagoon Touch Pool © Aquarium of the Pacific

Here, you can get up close with 150 of these majestic creatures of the sea and even touch some of them. Not all, though!

Feed the Beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets

The Lorikeet forest has over 100 lorikeets that eagerly wait for the tiny cups of nectar that you can use to feed them.

Harbor Tour

Indulge in a 45-minute narrative cruise along the Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors. These tours will take you past ports where you get to view ships from across the world. You will also get a glimpse of sea lions in large groups.

Night Dive

The Night ddive is one of the most popular aquariums of the Pacific events. It is a lively adults-only event where popular bands perform. There are art shows, exhibitions, food trucks and lots of festivities.

You can also dive into one of the tanks along with the experts. But you will need certification for this activity.

Special Programs for Toddlers and Children

This Aquarium in Long Beach is famous for its wide variety of activity-based programs for toddlers, children, teens and families.

Visitors get to go above the most extensive exhibit behind-the-scenes tours, the Tropical Reef and feed the fish. The tour also gives an insight into how the Aquarium works, right from the process of water filtration to caring for the animals living in the Aquarium.

Animal Encounters

There are plenty of exciting encounters that you can enjoy at this Aquarium, such as petting a sea lion, playing ball with a penguin, petting a shark, or feeding the otters. Every animal encounter is a learning experience that is enriching and exciting.

Meet the Penguins

Enjoy a private hangout with the Penguins at the Aquarium. Play ball with one of them or let them waddle around you. There are 22 Magellanic Penguins at the Aquarium, and you can sign up for these encounters to enjoy some one-on-one time with these magnificent creatures.

Meet the Octopus

Learn about these fantastic inhabitants of the ocean world and interact with an octopus. It is a one-hour tour and is available for visitors from the age of 7 and up.

Close Encounter with Sharks

Get up close with the sharks, and learn about these gigantic and most misunderstood fish. During these encounters, you will be visiting all the shark exhibits and watching as food is being prepared for them.

You can also visit the behind the scene areas and feed some of the sharks.

Feed the Otters

Meet the Aquarium of the Pacific otters and get the chance to feed them in these exciting encounters. Otters belong to the badger family and get quite aggressive; hence you will be interacting with them through an opening on a protective glass window.

Manta Ray Interactions

Feed and interact with Manta rays as they swim around you. Learn about their feeding habits and other details. These encounters are priced at $350 each for non-members and $330 each for members.

Get Up Close with the Seals and Sea Lions

Enjoy an exciting morning with the seals and the sea lions before the Aquarium opens for the public.

Enjoy an uninterrupted view of the seals and sea lions from the amphitheater as they are fed their morning meal and get daily check-ups done.

Feed the Lorikeets

Feed the Lorikeet © Aquarium of the Pacific

Visit the Lorikeet Forest and feed cups of nectar to the beautiful rainbow Lorikeets.

These gorgeous winged animals are on the endangered species list, and the Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach is trying to promote knowledge about these birds to revive the species.

Overnight Adventures

If you or your child have always harbored the wish to stay at an aquarium overnight, then get ready to fulfill this wish with a stay at the Aquarium of the Pacific at night.

This nightly adventure includes craftwork, hands-on activities, a pizza dinner, snacks, breakfast, as well as an overnight T-shirt.

The timings are from 5 pm to 7 am the next morning. It requires a minimum 20-person reservation at $90 per person.

School Overnights Program

Through this program, children from the 3rd to 12th grade can spend the night at the Aquarium and enjoy some hands-on activities, learn about the maintenance of the Aquarium and the incredible animals that live here games and craft activities.

The time is from 5 pm to 7 am the next day. For every ten students, there is one Aquarium of the Pacific free admission for the chaperone.

Night Photography

If you are a professional photographer or you want to get great photographs of all the exhibits with no crowds around, then book your Aquarium of the Pacific tickets for the Photographer’s only night.

The tickets are priced at $31.95 each for members and $34.95 each for non-members.

Virtual Tours

Social distancing is the norm everywhere now. Virtual tours of our favorite places are the best way to visit them. The Aquarium of the Pacific virtual tour offers you the opportunity to bring the whole Aquarium to your home.

You can watch what your favorite animals are up to with the Aquarium of the Pacific live cam. The Online Learning Center offers lessons and Aquarium of the Pacific pictures of all the animals and their enthralling activities.

Special Events

The Aquarium’s events calendar is packed all year round with shows both virtual and real. There are special events for children, adults, corporates, festivals, and so much more. Annual special programs like the Baja Splash Virtual Festival, Seniors’ Day, etc.

Summer Camps

Aquarium of the Pacific summer camp is being organized as a virtual platform this year, keeping in mind the pandemic. The summer camp is being organized in collaboration with the Aquarium of the Pacific Online Academy program.

These are free programs, and each session is an hour long.

Homeschool Holiday

Join homeschool families, networks and students on Aquarium of the Pacific homeschool days. Children learn through hands-on activities, virtual tours, experiments and discovery.

It is a free tour for those with Aquarium of the pacific membership.

Even if you miss the homeschool holiday, you can still avail the Aquarium of the Pacific discount group rates by booking in advance for a group of a minimum of 10 people. For a theatre or classroom program, you need a minimum of 20 people for group rates.

The cost of the tickets is $7 per participant for non-members.

Spend your Special Day

The spectacular backdrop of the Aquarium is excellent for some personal events such as weddings, picnics, meetings, birthday parties, proms and many other special events.

An Aquarium of the Pacific wedding would spell a memorable and one-of-a-kind theme for your special day. To top it off, the wedding professionals at the Aquarium will ensure you have a memorable day.

Volunteer Programs

The Aquarium has several volunteer programs and internships organized for all age groups. As an Aquarium of the Pacific volunteer, you get the opportunity to work closely with the unique animals at the Aquarium, and it can be one of the most life-changing experiences.

The exceptional Aquarium of the Pacific VolunTEEN program is specially meant for high school students between the age of 14 to 16 and is offered three times a year. It is an 80-hour program, and the volunteers are selected after a very rigorous selection procedure.

The training program is equally extensive and teaches about the Aquarium, its inhabitants and the habitat, which the volunteers then interpret for the guests and visitors at the Aquarium.

It is important to remember that volunteers do not take care of nor train the Aquarium animals.


The Aquarium of the Pacific internship program is offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall, and can send the applications all year round.

Applicants can pick from various internship programs such as Aquarist internship, Education internship, Development internship, Green Sustainability internship, Audio Visual internship and lots more.

Shopping at the Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific gift store has various things you can buy as souvenirs or memorabilia to remind you of your visit. Several items depict the exhibits, a collection of jewelry, toys and memorabilia that represents marine life, artworks done by local artists and artisans, etc.

You can also use your Aquarium of the Pacific membership discount code while purchasing if you are a member.

The Aquarium of the Pacific gift shop also has environmentally friendly items made from recycled materials.

Octopus © Aquarium of the Pacific

Special Packages and Discounts

The Aquarium offers a wide range of special packages and discounts, making its admission prices affordable for all visitors.

  • Aquarium of the Pacific AAA discount will give you a flat 20% off on tickets purchased from the AAA website or any Southern California Auto Club Branch. Must reserve the date and time, and each visitor must carry the ticket and reservation confirmation to the Aquarium entrance.
  • Discounts for Military Personnel: Avail the Aquarium of the Pacific military discount just by showing your ID at the ticket window and get $3 off on Adult ticket price and $1.5 off child admission.
  • Corporate Discounts: There are special discount programs for corporations in the form of Aquarium of the Pacific coupons with no extra costs.
  • A Free Day at the Aquarium: Almost every Friday night, there is the Aquarium of the Pacific free day. You can get close to the ultimate predators of the ocean, the sharks at the Shark Lagoon and touch bamboo sharks and other small sharks as well as rays on Shark Lagoon Nights.
  • Live bands are performing from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm as well.
  • Special discount for Teachers: Aquarium of the Pacific teacher discount is a special discount dedicated to teachers from Pre-K to 12, college teachers and professors and grade school support staff. This discount is applicable for the whole of March every year.
  • Membership Discount: Enjoy excellent benefits and discounts on your Aquarium visits with our Aquarium of the Pacific membership discount. As a member, you can enjoy an unlimited number of visits to the Aquarium for the whole year, exclusive benefits as members and amazing discounts at the Aquarium store and gift shop, cafe, etc.

Aquarium of the Pacific Admission and Tickets

The Aquarium tickets can be easily purchased online or even from the ticket window at the Aquarium itself. If you are looking for group tickets or Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets, several notable sites offer excellent Aquarium of the Pacific deals.

General Admission tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific at the gate are priced at $34.95 for Adults, and Kid ages 3-11 $24.95. Experience packages are the best way to get discount tickets for the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Additional Ways to Get Tickets Cheap

There are plenty of ways to get some of the best Aquarium of the Pacific deals on your tickets.

  • You can get a great deal with your Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets from Costco from the Costco & Ralphs Market. Check your local stores for updates.
  • With the Aquarium of the Pacific promo code, you can get up to 50% off on your Aquarium of the Pacific long beach tickets.
  • Skip the front entrance line with an Aquarium of the Pacific Groupon general admission ticket.

Visiting Tips

  • To avoid crowds, go early on weekends and after 2 pm on weekdays, especially during the school year.
  • The show in the new wing, Pacific Visions Theatre, is 180° and may cause motion sickness for children or those who suffer from it. Pick the upper-row seats if you have this problem.
  • While traveling, download the visitor’s app so that you can get an Aquarium of the Pacific map, the species identifier and daily schedule.
  • Get Aquarium of the Pacific Goldstar tickets to get discounted tickets.
  • If you are visiting Long Beach for the first time, make sure you get directions to the Aquarium of the Pacific beforehand.
  • A great way to save big money on tickets is to visit the Pacific Aquarium in the evenings during summer as the Aquarium stays open till quite late. If you are late enough, you can get in at the child’s general admission price.

Important Information


Aquarium of the Pacific address is 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States.

If you are visiting from out of town, there are several hotels near the Aquarium of the Pacific where you can stay within walking distance from the Aquarium. Just remember to take the directions to the Aquarium of the Pacific before you leave.

Operating Hours

General operating hours of the Aquarium are:-

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Friday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

The Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach is open throughout the year except on the 25th of December, Christmas Day.

The Aquarium of the Pacific phone number for reservations and support is available on the official website.


Aquarium of the Pacific parking is available at $8 for the day with Aquarium validation, and you can keep your car parked on the Aquarium premises while you visit nearby attractions.

Dining Facilities

Cafe Scuba is the Aquarium of the Pacific restaurant that serves a variety of snacks and meals that are environmentally friendly. The cafe overlooks the Seal and Sea Lion Exhibit making it a great place to relax with a snack or a meal.

The Aquarium of the Pacific food promotes sustainable seafood and water in the future, reflected in their menu.

Aquarium of the Pacific yelp has excellent reviews about the food at Cafe Scuba and the ambiance.

Learning and Research

The Molina Animal Care Centre

This fully equipped Veterinary hospital organizes interactive kiosks to teach children about how the clinic works and how animals are treated here.

Online Academy

The Aquarium of the Pacific online academy offers an online educational program that includes fun and entertaining activities for the public during this time of closure and quarantine.

This program includes videos and interactive live sessions with Aquarium educators. Programs will be aired live each day and target all age groups from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

The Aquarium of the Pacific online academy will keep updating the list of programs accordingly.

An Online Academy for Adults

The Aquarium’s online academy is also putting up courses for adults where they will be conducting sessions on climate change, Seafood for the Future and the entire series of guest speakers and lectures by experts visiting the Aquarium.

All these videos are available on the Aquarium of the Pacific youtube channel. There will also be a series of the Aquarium of the Pacific live streaming videos that will show updates on the animals at the Aquarium and their activities.


The Aquarium in Long Beach offers several internship programs that can lead to promising careers in marine science, environmental science, and lots more. Follow the updates on the official website on the latest openings.

You can also call the Aquarium of the Pacific for volunteering to learn what are the demands of working with these incredible marine animals.

Nearby Attractions

There are all kinds of attractions near the Aquarium to keep both children and adults entertained. Some of these attractions are:-

  • Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center
  • International City Theatre
  • Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
  • The Queen Mary
  • Rainbow Lagoon Park
  • The Pike Ferris Wheel
  • Laugh Factory
  • Sgt Pepper’s Duelling Piano Cafe
  • Shoreline Village
  • The Terrace Theatre

Nearby Restaurants

Gladstone’s Long Beach

It is a seafood and American restaurant located quite close to the Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach.

P.F. Chang’s

This restaurant is famous for its Asian food that is handcrafted and freshly prepared daily.

Queensview Steakhouse

This upscale restaurant is located on the third floor of Parker’s Lighthouse and serves a delectable selection of South Californian cuisine such as Prime Steak, grilled fish, lobster, etc.


It is one of the best Italian restaurants near the Aquarium, famous for its classic and modern take on Italian cuisine. They are famous for their homemade ravioli, pasta, sauces, slices of bread and desserts.

Alegría Cocina Latina

This restaurant is famous for its Latin American cuisine. There is also live entertainment as well as events held at the restaurant during weekends.

Nearby Hotels

If you are visiting Long Beach, California, and looking for a convenient Aquarium of the Pacific hotel, you will be spoilt for choices. There are several starred and budget hotels that are within walking distance from the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Downtown Long Beach

Located in Downtown Long Beach, this is an upscale hotel about 0.7 miles from the Aquarium. It is a convenient chic hotel right in the heart of the city with all basic amenities and facilities.

The property has an in-house restaurant, a heated outdoor swimming pool, an exercise room and free wifi.

Renaissance Long Beach Hotel

It is one of the most conveniently located 4-star hotels near the Pacific Aquarium, fitted with some of the best urban amenities and facilities.

It is just a convenient 7-minute stroll from the Aquarium, and the property has a swimming pool, in-house restaurants, cafe and lounge, meeting space, banquet hall, etc.

Hotel Royal

It is a modern budget hotel about 0.7 miles from the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. All safety measures are in place in tandem with the current pandemic conditions.

The hotel has all basic amenities in place, including laundry and housekeeping services, a 24-hour front desk, free wifi, etc.

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

This hotel is located a convenient 0.3 miles from the Aquarium.

It is a beautiful 4-star hotel featuring elegantly furnished rooms with free wifi. Amenities include an outdoor pool, fitness center and business center.

Residence Inn by Marriott Long Beach

It is an elegant hotel about 1.3 miles from the Aquarium of the Pacific. The property has wonderfully furnished rooms and an outdoor pool, an open-air restaurant, a fitness center and free wifi, among other amenities.

Other Nearby Aquariums You Might Like to Visit

Wrapping Up

The Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach is a world of incredible marine animals waiting to be discovered, myths to be unlearned, and minds to be opened. This awe-inspiring place is not just an aquarium but a learning ground that teaches humanity the importance of conservation and coexistence.

The Aquarium of the Pacific’s new wing, Pacific Visions, is a massive eye-opener that stresses the impact of human actions on the balance of the ecological system.

It gives a platform for young minds to learn about the lifeforms in the Oceans and allows them to work up close with the incredible marine animals.

There is so much that this Aquarium has to offer besides being just a large and beautiful fish tank.