Best Superworms For Fish 2021 (Reviews and Comparisons)

best Superworms For Fish


Aquarists feed packaged superworms. They are a staple diet of many large aquarium fish, including Arowana and Pufferfish. Packaged super worms contain protein as well as enzymes, vitamins, and essential minerals. Best Superworms For Fish – can buy Superworms from online and local stores.



You can purchase superworms for fish at a significant discount from online stores.


The superworm for fish guide contains a review and comparison of the best-packaged superworms you can order online.



Top 5 best Superworms for Fish comparison Table



Superworms Features


1. Critters Direct Live Superworms Variety of sizes – Big, medium, small-Cal calciumLive worms guaranteed healthy worms


2. Gimminy Crickets & Worms’ Live Superworms Live wormsDifferent size wormsBest for fish and reptilesHigh protein


3. Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Organically Grown Live Superworms About 1 to 2 inches long product delivered in branding superworksShipped weight is one found organically grown


4. Ovipost’s 1000 Live Superworms High protein content Raised and bred in the US Variety of sizes Next day delivery


5. Wormy Worms Dried Mealworms and Superworms Dried mealworms and superwormsNo preservative added High vitamins, fats, proteins, and minerals Ideal feed for fish, chickens, and birds Each package contains 250 superwormsWorms sizes are 1 1/2″ to 2.”



Note: Due to high demand, some of the packaged superworms available for sale reviewed in this guide may not be in stock. You should wait for the seller to restock before ordering online. You can also directly contact the seller to ship the product to your home.




Best Superworms for Fish Reviews


Wormy Worms Dried Mealworms and SuperwormsCheck Prices


Product Overview


Wormy worms are a mixture of dried mealworms and superworms. The worms stay whole and easy to clean and store. The dried superworms weigh about 1 pound. You can find almost 1800 superworms in a packet.


Wormy Worms offers a combination of superworms and mealworms that you can give to your fish. The product consists of fresh worms with high nutritional value. 

The product is free of any types of preservatives. They are 100% natural with no additives.


The worms are feed quality vegetables and wheat bran. 

Refrigeration is not necessary to store the superworms. They come packaged in a resealable bag. 




Dried mealworms and superworms

No preservative added

High vitamins, fats, proteins, and minerals

Ideal feed for fish, chickens, and birds

Each package contains 250 superworms

Worms size is 1 1/2″ to 2.” 



Pros – Wormy Worms Dried Mealworms and Superworms


The superworms consist of high protein and essential amino acids. The package contains natural worms with no fillers or preservatives. They get a quality diet resulting in getting essential vitamins, proteins, fats, and minerals.


Fed dried superworm natural Diet. They are an excellent feed for birds, chickens, fish, and other pets that can feed on them.


The best feature of the superworms is quality packaging. The package does not contain other bugs. You will find the worms fresh and clean in the bag.


The worms will stay whole inside the bag when they arrive, irrespective of where you live. You will not likely find them dead on arrival, even if you like in an area with high or low temperature.

Cons – Wormy Worms Dried Mealworms and Superworms


Some people have found mold inside the bag. It usually happens if the worms have been in the package for a long time. The worms will not always be in the best condition. Reviewers have stated that the worms do not ever arrive fresh from the supplier.


Wormy Worms does not offer live superworms. Additionally, the package contains both mealworms and superworms. If you want a superworm, you should consider another product.


2. Timbuktu Outdoors Fisher’s Choice: Super Worms

Check Prices 


Product Overview


Timbuktu superworms are all-natural canned superworms. These superworms are great for fish that eat grub type food or larvae. You can feed the worms to a large variety of fish include catfish, trout, and panfish.




Steam sterilized scented superworms

Increase the appetite of lethargic fish

Perfect for fish that feed on grub type food

The shelf life of up to 2 years


Pros – Timbuktu Outdoor Fisher Choice Superworms


Timbuktu outdoor fisher choice superworms are excellent for feeding different types of fish. You can also use the worms as fish bait. The worms are scented using a natural steam canned bait sterilization process. The worms expertly packaged, resulting in a shelf life of about two years.



Cons -Timbuktu Outdoor Fisher Choice Superworms



The canned packaged contain dead superworns. Use the scented and dried superworms to feed fish, but they are more suitable for fish bait. After opening the package, you will have to provide the worms for up to two weeks.


  1. Nutri Cricket Premium Live Large Superworms (500)

Check Prices


Product Overview


Nutr Cricket Premium Live Large Superworms are one of the top-rated superworms out there. These superworms are great for pet fish and reptiles, such as the bearded dragon lizard. These superstorms are healthy and free of any diseases




Live superworms

Large size

Disease and pest free

Professional packaging

Each package contains 500 superworms



Pros – Nutri Cricket Premium Large Superworms


Nutri Cricket Premium are sizeable high-quality, super worms that you can give to all types of large and medium-sized fish that feed on worms. The superworms are healthy and live. They are easier to digest for the fish as compared to dried and canned worms.



Cons – Nutri Cricket Premium Large Superworms



These superworms are not suitable for feeding small fish. Also, the packaging is not perfect for delivery to regions with extreme temperatures. You will need to request the supplier to deliver the worms in special packaging if you live in an area with high or low temperatures.



  1. Gimminy Crickets & Worms’ Live Superworms

Check Prices



Product Overview



Gimminy Live superworms are an excellent quality feed for your fish. The packaged superworms have high protein content. 

You will find different size worms in the package. The live feed is suitable for both pet fish and reptiles.




Live worms

Different size worms

Best for fish and reptiles

High protein



Pros – Gimminy Crickets & Worms’ Live Superworms



Most people have posted positive reviews stating that the worms arrived in good condition. The worms are healthy, which you can breed to double the supply for the fish. The package rarely contains dead or sickly worms.


You will receive both big and small worms. Reviewers have also said that the worms were active that signifies that they got a quality diet.



Cons – Gimminy Crickets & Worms’ Live Superworms



The packaging is not that high quality. If you live in an area where the temperature is too low or high, you will have to report it to the company to sent in a unique package.


It is essential. Otherwise, you will find the feed dead upon arrival. You may also have to go to the post office to pick up the package.


Apart from a lousy quality package, some reviewers have also complained about the bad smell. But most people have given high review ratings since they were satisfied with the product.



  1. Critters Direct Live Superworms

Check Prices



Product Overview



Critters Direct Live Superworms are available in different sizes. You can find a big, medium, and small size critters. The best thing about these superworms is that they are high in various vitamins—they load in calcium, including Rep-Cal calcium and low in fat. The supplier guarantees live worms upon arrival.






Variety of sizes – Big, medium, small

Rep-Cal calcium

Live worms guaranteed

Healthy worms



Pros – Critters Direct Live Superworms



These superworms will be alive due to the unique packaging they come in. There are clear directions on the package regarding how to keep the worms healthy. The worms are delivered quickly, and you will find most of them alive as advertised.



Cons – Critters Direct Live Superworms



Superworms that are delivered are not always fresh. Reviewers have stated that sometimes the super worms are supplied with a foul smell coming from the bag. The bad smell is due to sick worms that you should separate from the package.


  1. Ovipost’s 1000 Live Superworms

Price Check



Product Overview


Oviopost superworms are bred and raised in the US. These superworms make excellent feed for the fish since they contain high protein content.

They come fresh in a range of sizes. Most of them are delivered fresh. Next day delivery possible if you want the worms on an urgent basis.






High protein content

Raised and bred in the US

Variety of sizes

Next day delivery



Pros – Ovipost’s Live Superworms



Ovipost super worms are gut loaded. You can order them in custom sizes. The worms are giant and full of nutrients. Reviewers have said that the worm arrives healthy and alive. Most also liked the fast delivery option offered by the seller.



Cons – Ovipost’s Live Superworms



The packaging is not of high quality and not suitable for delivering worms in specific locations. Some reviewers who reside in areas with extreme temperatures have reported worms arriving in dead or semi-dead conditions.


  1. Animal Specialties 1000 Live Superworms – Kingworms – Zophobas Morio

Check Prices



Product Overview



Animal Specialties live superworms have high nutrient content, including vitamins, calcium, and protein.


The superworms Diet is a unique formulated mixture of fortified bedding. They are bred and raised at a quality facility in California.





Fed special formulated mixture

High protein content

Quality packaging

Big size worms



Pros – Animal Specialities Live Superworms



Animal Specialities guarantees live arrival of the superworms. The worms get a unique quality bag. You can rest assured that there will be no sick or dead worms. The worms are giant and nutritious for the fish.



Cons – Animal Specialities Live Superworms



Superworms packed in a special package for extreme temperatures. It means that if you live in a region where the weather is above 85 F or below 45 F, you will have to pick them up from the FedEx office. Moreover, the company also does not offer next day delivery. The expedited delivery option will deliver the product in two days.


  1. Zoo Med Can O’ SuperWorms



Product Overview



Zoo Med Can O Superworms comes from a farm with natural feed. The feed does not contain any type of preservatives or colors.


They are extra-large mealworms for larger fish. These worms contain loads of nutrition for your fish.






Natural feed

High calcium

They fed before dispatching.



Pros – Zoo Med Can O Superworms



Zoo Med Can O Superworms bred using 100% natural feed. The worms are healthy and highly nutritious, containing a high amount of calcium and other vitamins. The worms properly so that they will not die upon arrival.



Cons – Zoo Med Can O Superworms



Zoo Med Can O Superworms comes in one size only. You only get large sized worms. Also, the worms sent in a sealed home in packaged so they may not be alive. The supplier does not give any guarantee about the quality of the worms.


  1. Zophobas Morio 25 Live Superworms


Check Prices


Zeophobas Morio superworms get quality feed. These worms tinge raised on vegetables and human-grade grain. The worms are available in different sizes ranging from 1.75 to 2 inches. All of the worms are about a quarter diameter representing good health and nutrition.






Fed human-grade grain and vegetables

Size range between 1.75 and 2 inches

Quarter diameter

No preservatives



Pros – Zoophobas Superworms



Zoophobas superworms are highly nutritious for the fish. You can order medium and large size fish. The best thing about these superworms is that they are fed natural feed with no kind of preservatives. The worms are great for medium and large size fish.



Cons – Zoophobas Superworns



Packaging of the superworms is not the best. Additionally, the supplier does not offer any type of guarantee about the condition of the worms. There is also no option for quick delivery. Standard delivery is the only option provided by the supplier.


  1. HornWorms Superworms Live

Check Prices



Product Overview



HornWorms superworms contain about 30 superworms. Each package comes with extra food so that they can grow to about 2 inches.


You can keep the worms at a temperature of 88 F if you want them to grow faster and at 50 F if you want the worms to grow slower.


Make sure that you keep the cups containing the worms in an upside position on a vented rack so that they get proper air.





Each can consist of about 30 worms

Worms grow up to 2 inches

Best for picky eaters



Pros – HornWorms Superworms



HornWorms performs excellent for fish that are picky eaters. The superworms are healthy and nutritious. You can feed them food that comes with the package if you want to feed larger fish.



Con – HornWorms Superworms



HornWorms superworms package only contains 25 to 30 worms. It makes the worms pricey compared to other worms. You also cannot select different size worms.


All the worms are of the same size that you can grow by feeding them. Not everyone wants to wait for the worms to grow for feeding to fish.


  1. Superworms Large Live 100 Reptile, Birds, Chickens, Fish Food by Abdragons

Check Prices



Product Overview



Superworms Large Live 100 by Abdragons are great for a variety of pets other than fish.


You can feed the worms to your pet birds and reptiles, such as dragon lizards. Delivery possible in all states except Hawaii and Alaska.






Large size superworms – 1.75 to 2 inch

Live and healthy fish

Long storage life



Pros – Superworms Large Live by Abdragons



Superworms Large Live by Abdragonslivery is one of the best-rated superworms online. The seller guarantees that the superworms will arrive alive. If you live in a place with extremely hot or cold temperatures, you may have to contact your delivery company to hold and pick up the package.


Superworms are large and lively. They are fast-moving and easily digestible for the fish. 

You should add slices of potato for food and water to ensure that they remain alive. 

As long as you store them with other larvae, they will not pupate. You should keep them at room temperature, between 75 F and 90 F.



Cons – Superworms Large Live by Abdragons



Superworms by Abdragons contain only a few worms. Each package contains just 100 worms instead of thousands offered by some brands. 

The superworms are of medium or large size. You do not get a mixture of different sized superworms.


  1. Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Organically Grown Live Superworms

Check Prices


Product Highlights


Basset Cricket Ranch provides organically grown live superworms. These superworms are great for use as both live bait and pet fish feed. 

These worms are about one to two inches long. The package did in a bran container.






About 1 to 2 inches long

Product delivered in bran

Live superworms

Shipped weight is 1 pound.

Organically grown



Pros – Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Organically Grown Live Superworms



Bassett Cricket live superworms are organically grown. They are well-fed using the quality feed.

It results in highly nutritious worms for your fish. These superworms are of the right size and shipped in high-quality containers.



Cons – Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Organically Grown Live Superworms



Bassett live superworms are not energetic, according to reviewers. They also come in a smaller quantity compared to other types. A packet of live superworms will not last long after feeding a group of hungry fish.



  1. Josh’s Frogs Superworms


Check prices



Product Overview



Josh Frogs Superworms are one of the best live super worms for sale online. These superworms are excellent for feeding fish and lizards alike. You will get the live arrival of superworms at your doorstep.






Live superworms guaranteed

Ships Monday to Thursday

1 1/2″ to 2″ in length

Bulk discounts

Order size – 25 to 1000



Pros – Josh Frogs Superworms



The Josh Frogs Superworms are used to feed a variety of pet fish. You can also provide the superworms to different reptiles, including crested geckos, leopard geckos, a bearded dragon, and others.


The superworms are bred and raised in Michigan and shipped in different sized boxes, including an organza bag with egg crate containing up to about 500 superworms, vented containers containing up to 50 live worms, and the vented box containing up to 1000 superworms.



Cons-f Josh Frogs Superwoman



Josh Frogs Superworms containers suitable for delivering in regions with extreme hot and cold temperatures. The supplier also does not offer quick delivery services. 



Final Verdict



You should buy superworms that are best suited for your fish. Some fish require dry mealworms and superworms. 

You can give them Wormy Worms dried mealworms and superworms. 

Other dried superworms options include Timbuktu and Zoo Med canned superworms.


In case you want urgent delivery, the best superworms for fish is the Ovipost live superworms. Critters, Animal Specialities, Superworms by Abdragosn, Josh Frogs superworms, and Zophobas offer guaranteed live worms upon arrival.


We like the Gimminy Crickets & Worm’s Live Superworms as they seem to be the healthiest worms to order online and are gut loaded upon delivery. They are great worms to feed larger aquarium fish, used as bait or process for smaller fish.


Related Questions




What Are Superworms?



Suerworms are not worms. They are larvae of a species of darkling beetle. 

They are named so due to their active movement and large size. Superworm’s lifecycle consists of four stages, including egg, larvae, pupae, and beetle. 



What Do Superworms Turn?



Superworms are the larvae stage of a beetle. They grow into pupae under the right conditions. The pupae then turn into a beetle.



How to Breed Superworms?



Breeding superworms is only possible with adult superworms. The female darkling beetle lays eggs in the soil, decomposing vegetation, and bark of decaying trees. The eggs hatch after a few days into small larvae.


The larvae will then spend time feeding on decaying vegetation, tree bark, and leaves. If raised for pet fish, Should give the larvae various vegetables and fruits, including Carrots


  • Squash
  • Lettuce
  • Oranges
  • Apples

Darkling beetle seeks damp and humid locations. The beetle can live on average between 3 and 15 years under optimum conditions.


Superworms can grow to a size of 2 inches. They will take a long time to turn into pupae if kept in large groups. They require a great deal of feed. If the meal is not available, the larvae will devour their kinds, due to which they are also known as cannibal species.



How Long Do Superworms Live?



Larvae grow and shed their coverings multiple times during the stag. They will remain as larvae for six months to up to a year if kept in a group. They will turn into pupae quickly if observed in a small group.



Mealworms vs. Superworms: What’s the Difference?



Mealworms and superworms have similar appearances. The only difference is that the mealworms are generally smaller. 

Superworms are up to five times larger than a mealworm. They have more fiber, fat, and calcium concentration as compared to mealworms.


Superworms also have a healthier jaw compared to mealworms. Unlike mealworms, they also have a head spike that ward of prey. You should never pick the worms using bare fingers. Instead, you should use tweezers to pick them up.



How to Store Superworms?



Before feeding them to your reptile or amphibian, simply keep them at room temperature and provide them with a food/water source, like a carrot. As Superworms go wrong, they become dark in color and eventually turn black and spoil. Discard any black Superworms.


Older Superworms may pupate, which still or pet. Discard adult beetles, as most animals find these distasteful. Under ideal conditions, Superworms should keep for several weeks.



How to Feed Superworms?



Superworms can be fed as a treat or staple, depending on the animals you’re providing. Must supplement Superworms with a proper vitamin and mineral supplement before being fed to your pet. Feed Superworms using feeding tongs or in a warm dish.