Electric Blue Acara Cichlid:- Also known as Blue-Spot Cichlid


Freshwater Blue Acara Cichlid is also known as Blue-Spot Cichlid. Blue-Spot Cichlid found in Venezuela and Trinidad. Size upto 20cm and relatively peaceful and eat live foods. Aquarium Temperature ranges from 64-77 Degree Fahrenheit or 18-25 degree celsius. The temperature should be higher for breeding.

About Electric Blue Acara Cichlid (Blue-Spot Cichlid )


  • Blue Acara Cichlid is a freshwater fish and usually found in still or flowing streams. 
  • It was introduced in Europe in 1906, They usually found in Venezuela and Trinidad and some parts of Colombia.  
  • They have peaceful temperament but tend to get aggressive at the time of breeding. 
  • maximum reported size is 20cm, but most of them are of 16cm or below, 
  • and the average life span of Electric Blue Acara Cichlid is around 10 years in aquariums and life span in natural habitat is from 10 to 20 years 


The scientific name of Electric Blue Acara Cichlid

It’s debatable regarding its correct scientific name. As a result, The Various name is given and can be used as per once understanding. They are 1) A. latifrons 2) cf. latifrons 3) A. caeruleopunctatus and others called them A. pulcher.

How to identify Electric Blue Acara Cichlid


  • The main part of the body Blue, Brown or black depending upon their habitat
  • on the body, they have eight vertical black stripes which enhance look
  • they have few horizontal green lines on the face 
  • the Fin of this fish has some orange on the tips of Fin
  • the distinctive feature of this fish is from the eye down to cheeks there is a backline which not present in other cichlids  


The behaviour of Blue-Spot Cichlid in the Aquarium

They are usually peaceful in nature and can be found in the aquarium base or sometime in the middle of the Aquarium. it is rare they can be found at the top of the Aquarium 
as they swim bottom part of the Aquarium, you will find them around aquarium plants hiding and swimming around the plants 

Diet of Electric Blue Acara fish

 diet includes all commercial and live foods as these are omnivores in nature and don’t like to eat vegetarian food
it’s always good to feed them live foods some of them are 

  • shrimps 
  • blood worms 
  • mussels 
  • fish foods like pellets and granules 

it’s always better to feed them twice a day and also give varieties in a day so that they have the right kind of nutrition in a day

Blue Acara Tanks Mates 

As this fish is peaceful, Found at the bottom of the tank and omnivores. 
one should choose tank mates who like to swim middle or top of the tank so that they have ample space to swim and also choose fish who are peaceful in nature so that they get along nicely 

Blue Acara Aquarium (Tank ) Condition 

ita always good to replicate the natural habitat of fish so that they live longer and healthy
ways to do it 

  • should have lots of open areas in an aquarium
  • lots of plants so that they can hide and swim in between them
  • its always good to have some flat, smooth surface and rounded rocks in the Aquarium 
  •  plants should be robust or artificial 


Electric Blue Acara Tank Setup Guide 

It is important to set up a tank according to fish. Water chemistry is not that important for this fish. But the quality of the water should be good. 
we should keep tank temperature according to them so that they able to grow to their full potential and also live longer in an aquarium with any disease 

  • tank temperature ranges from 68 to 82°F or 18-25°C
  • the temperature should be a little higher in the breeding period 
  • water PH should be in the range 6.0-7.5 pH
  • maintain water hardness between 6 to 20 dH
  • need atleast 30 gallons tank so that they can move freely and do their all-natural activities  
  • can keep more electric blue acara, its always better to keep them in pair and want to keep more keep at least 6 of them and you will love them 
  • try to expose them to natural lightning time to time this will enhance their colour 
  • Change tank water weekly to maintain a good PH level if not able to replace full water. replace atleast 20% of the tank water 


Electric Blue Acara Care Guide 


  1. It’s very easy to take care of this fish provided water of Aquarium is replaced on a weekly basis. Replace full water or if this not possible, replace atleast 20% of water. 
  2. it’s always better to clean the tank in 4 weeks time and always keep this fish in atleast 30-gallon water tank
  3. Feed twice a day, Never overfeeds them and also best quality food so that they get all nutrients. 

if one takes care of these three things, you will notice 

  • colour of fish is good
  • they ill not get a disease
  • they will live longer 
  • and do all their activities, and you will love them 

Breeding Electric Blue Acara  

one should keep in mind a few things when Breeding Blue Acara

  • if possible use a separate tank preferably smaller tank like 15 to 20-gallon tank and if possible use 20-gallon tank
  • at the time of breeding, the tank should have lesser plants in the tank
  • the temperature of the tank should be close to 80°F
  • water PH level should be around 7 PH
  • Eggs are laid on a precleaned rock, and they and fry will be guarded by both parents 
  • hatching of eggs takes place in 2 to 5 days time 
  • They lay close to 200 eggs and guard them. 
  • once hatched give food according to their and fry needs


Is Electric Blue Acara right for Aquarium?


  • very easy to maintain their tank
  • peaceful in nature 
  • one of the most beautiful fish for Aquarium
  • feeding is easy as we have to feed twice a day
  • can keep many varieties of fishes because they don’t have any territorial issues
  • easy to breed 
  • ideal for beginners as they don’t require any special Treatment

so we can say its a treat to keep Blue Acara