Tropical Fish F.A.Q.S

tropical fish

Looking for more types of tropical fish have some that look a lot like angelfish What are they Black Skirt Tetras and Blackbanded sunfishes look somewhat like Angelfish.  Though Black Skirt Tetras are not the exact match, their fins are … Read More

Tropical Fish F.A.Q

tropical fish

Can lawn drip system tubing be used in a tropical fish aquarium? Yes, you can use a lawn drip system for your tropical fish aquarium.  Regular changing the tank water for your tropical fish might be a hectic task. So, … Read More

Piebald Axolotl | Fishinaquarium

Piebald Axolotl

  Similar to more than 16 variants of axolotls, the piebald ones are one of the most creative-looking species. Due to their unique coloration, they are another widely acknowledged Mexican salamander that is quite rare in availability.   Piebald axolotls … Read More

GFP Axolotl | Fishinaquarium

GFP Axolotl

  The world of axolotls has a bunch of excitements to present in front of you. Whether it is their unique temperament with weird external appearances or their exotic color ranges, everything makes them worth talking about. One of such … Read More

Enigma Axolotl | Fishinaquarium

Enigma axolotl

  Enigma axolotls are one of the finest creations among the salamanders’ group. This beautifully colored axolotl has an exclusive grey shade and sparkling eyes, making it a treat to watch. Thus, owing to their unique appearance, they can easily enhance … Read More