Celebes Rainbowfish Care Guide: Tank Setup and much more – 2021

Celebes Rainbowfish


Celebes is a cute little fish that is hard to avoid and can be taken well care of by any intermediate-level fish-keeper. Though they look tiny and innocent, they tend to be highly active and moody if not adequately treated. Nevertheless, these fishes can be your favorite in enhancing your tank’s beauty due to their attractive look and peaceful nature.

Ladigesi celebes rainbowfish is a native to the streams of Sulawesi, Indonesia. They live up to 4-5 years, depending on the level of care. These fishes are peaceful and best kept with non-aggressive groups of 6 to 8 other species. They are only easy to care for if you know how to do so.


Category Rating
Level of care Easy
Appearance Brownish-yellow body, with black, two-toned, and lemon-yellow fins with black markings
Temperament Peaceful
Life expectancy 4 years
Size 3.2-inches
Diet Omnivores
Family Melanotaeniidae
Tank size 50-60 gallon
Tank Environment Soft acidic water conditions with bright lighting and lots of plants
Tankmates Peaceful but not with fin nippers



About Celebes Rainbowfish


Unlike other rainbowfishes, Celebes is generally a slender one. They are found in both brackish and freshwater environments of the Sulawesi river and its estuaries in Indonesia.

Celebes rainbowfish belongs to the family of Melanotaeniidae. These fishes are also known by other common names, like Celebes sailfish and Celebes sailfin. However, this fish has been listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species as a non-vulnerable being.

This cute little fish comes with two dorsal fins. One fin is large and two-toned, while the other fin is tiny and black-colored. Their body color appears differently under different lighting. Usually, they have a brownish yellow-colored body with greenish undertones.

With big eyes and a fantastic neon stripe running along the backbone on their back, they often reflect blue and green colors.

Celebes Rainbowfish also seems to be amusing for its interesting pectoral fins. They reflect immense beauty from their black, white, or translucent-tipped pectoral fins. Their other fins have a lemon yellowish color, along with black marks.

Thus, the gorgeous body and fin colors of this tiny Celebes rainbowfish marosatherina ladigesi species make it worthy enough for adding to your fish collection.

Celebes Rainbow fish Temperament


Rainbowfish is not a creature that will attack others for no reason. They usually remain pretty timid during the first few days of their introduction to the tank. Celebes is generally peaceful and does well with other fishes apart from their own species.

Moreover, these schooling fishes are not all aggressive but highly active. So, they need enough space for swimming in community tanks.

Besides, these freshwater fishes are very easy-going, and all they need is a comfortable aquatic environment and proper food, as they get too moody when they don’t receive food on time.


Celebes Rainbowfish Tank Requirement


Celebes rainbowfish marosatherina ladigesi is easy to handle if you know how to do it. And mainly, caring depends on the tank environment they have been kept into.

Albeit they might look like cute little fish, they are no less than any giant fish when it comes to their activity level. And that is why the size of the tank plays a crucial role in their upbringing.

Nevertheless, this telmatherina ladigesi fish is very much sensitive to water chemistry. Thus, an aquarist must keep the pH, temperature, and hardness range of water at optimal levels.

These fishes do their best and grow much effectively in tanks that mimic their natural habitat areas. And for doing so, you can incorporate many plants as they seem to be protective elements for the rainbowfish species.

This telmatherina ladigesi fish doesn’t prefer highly salty water but can go well with low salinity brackish water conditions.

Apart from that, while choosing the substrate for your tank, it’s better to opt for fine, darker gravel leading to their better coloration. Moreover, a good rate of filtration and intermediate water current will be an excellent combination for these rainbowfishes.

Lastly, to include some beauty in your tank, you can equip a few lighting fixtures. These fish don’t mind a bit of lighting over them or minute sun rays hitting their tank as it makes their color more radiant, amusing both you and your guests.


Celebes Rainbowfish Tank Set-Up


If you are a die-hard fish lover and want your marosetherina ladigesi to be safe and healthy, then there are some measures that you need to consider.

As the aquarium plays a significant role for your Celebes rainbowfish, you need to ensure the following things to have a perfect tank set-up.

  • Since these Celebes are active fishes, a minimum of 20-gallon tanks is a must. However, it is better to have a 50-60-gallon tank to keep your fishes with 6 other specimens.
  • You can also opt for a nano tank with small gravel to keep your rainbowfishes.
  • As Celebes rainbowfish are pretty sensitive to water quality, it is better to keep the water hardness range between 10-2- dGH.
  • Also, the water temperature must be maintained between 72-82℉.
  • The aquarium water must also have a proper pH level, which needs to be kept between 7-8.
  • Although they are active swimmers, the water movement is better be kept moderate so that their speed doesn’t get much affected by the water flow.
  • The tank for your ladigesi Celebes rainbowfish must be covered tightly to prevent them from jumping out.
  • While adding salt to the aquarium, remember these fishes are not very salt-friendly; thus, it is better to add only a half teaspoon of salt per gallon.
  • Most importantly, plants’ indulgence is essential in their tank as it helps them bring out their bright colors and gives them enough hiding places.
  • Space is an utmost requirement for your Celebes rainbowfish. Thus, make sure to leave enough swimming places in the aquarium.

Celebes Rainbowfish Tank Mates


One of the best things about Celebes rainbowfish is that they are very peaceful and don’t believe in violence. Such nature helps them to get well-acquainted with groups of 6 or more other fish species.

However, as rainbowfish neither attack nor defend themselves, it is better to keep them away from fin nippers. Along with that, semi-aggressive and aggressive fish also seems to be a threat to them.

Celebes rainbowfish marosatherina ladigesi fishes can be kept with any peaceful fish in the same tank. Even the invertebrates that are usually considered prey by many for their large size go pretty well with this fish.

As they are schooling fish, it is better to keep them with their own species, or you can also pet them any other fish species that are slow eaters, swimmers, and non-aggressive by nature. So, you can add any of the following Celebes Rainbowfish tankmates.

  • Livebearers
  • Gobies
  • Halfbeaks
  • Mollies
  • Other rainbowfishes

What Does Celebes Rainbowfish Eat?


Foods play a considerable role in the lives of Celebes rainbow fish as they tend to get capricious when not fed properly. Thus, it is essential to prioritize their diet for their better growth and temper as well.

Generally, rainbowfish are omnivores. Hence, in the wild areas, they feed primarily on plants, worms, and insects. But in a tank, these telmatherina ladigesi fishes must be provided with a balanced diet that includes processed and live foods to facilitate their good health.

You can treat them with daphnia, tubifex, brine shrimp, or blood worms once a week. Apart from that, you can undoubtedly provide flakes, pellet, frozen foods, and tiny vegetable matters, along with some meaty foods, as they love feeding on them.

Do you want to know a fascinating fact about laadigesi Celebes rainbowfish? They possess a very small throat. And that is why they must be fed smaller portions of food that can be easily consumed within five minutes. Also, it is necessary to feed them quite often throughout the day.


Care for Celebes Rainbowfish Marosatherina Ladigesi


It might not seem easy to take care of your Celebes rainbowfish, but it is not difficult as well. Anyone with intermediary fishkeeping experience can easily manage them.

In the procedure of caring for your little Celebes, you need to ensure that 25-50% of aquarium water is changed weekly.

Along with that, it is necessary to keep checking the salt content in water and other factors. Due to their high water sensitivity, it is crucial to look after the water filtration rate and cleanliness to avoid any disease or health problems.


Celebes Rainbowfish Breeding Guidelines


Celebes rainbowfish marosatherina ladigesi are those fishes that are not at all difficult to breed in captivity.

An accurate tank set-up, especially for breeding, maximize their chances of better production.

Thus, in the case of the breeding aquarium, it is preferable to pick a planted one as the male specimen find it spacious for themselves. You can also add long-leaved plants to the tank that would make swimming and chasing more fun for them.

Also, assure that the water’s pH level is slightly salty and soft, as Celebes rainbowfish marosatherina ladigesi gets to catch their eggs better in such water conditions. You can even add some floating plants, like Mifoil, Java Moss, Cabomba, and Riccia, for better quality breeding of your rainbowfish.

Make sure the filtration rate is top-notch as it gets difficult for them to emerge colorfully in unhygienic water conditions.

After successfully breeding the sexes, the males and females of this freshwater fish distribute their eggs in the plants or spawning mop, whichever is available, and then the eggs hatch in a week.

Unlike other fish, one additional thing that you need to do with these fishes is to remove the parent males and females from the aquarium before the eggs hatch.

Generally, these fish eggs are larger than their fries. Once hatched, you can feed them commercially-made fry foods.

Make sure not to introduce the baby fish to a huge tank unless they are big enough and cannot be eaten. This entire procedure usually takes around 5 months.

Interesting Facts About Celebes Rainbowfish


So, did you find knowing about the marosatherina ladigesi fish species interesting so far? Well, then here are some more details about them for you!

  • This active schooling fish thrives well in planted aquariums.
  • The adults, primarily males, come with very colorful and ornate fins.
  • Celebes rainbowfish marosatherina ladigesi are the smallest species of the rainbowfish family.
  • They are easily adaptable along with being very hardy.
  • These freshwater fish become good friends with same-sized fishes.


Where to Buy Celebes Rainbowfish Marosatherina Ladigesi?


Celebes are very easy to find in all pet or fish stores. In case you are unable to find them in any of your local stores, you can opt for buying them online. They can be easily found on any online platform at an affordable price.

However, Celebes rainbowfish are comparatively higher in price than a few other rainbowfish species.


How Big Do Celebes Rainbowfish Get?


Celebes rainbowfish are not very large when it comes to their growth. They are tiny in size, but their length also depends on how you take care of them.

Generally, the adults grow up to 3-3.2 inches in length. However, this fish can grow up to 5.1-inches if adequately nurtured.


How Long Does Celebes Rainbowfish Live?


In the wild areas, this Celebes fish can survive up to 4 years. However, in an aquarium, they can have a lifespan of about 3-5 years if well maintained.


Is Celebes Rainbowfish Suitable for Aquariums?


So, now when you know a lot about Celebes rainbowfish marosatherina ladigesi, this fish appears to be quite a fun member to join your family, isn’t it? Though people say they are not good aquarium fish, they can become if you know how to handle them properly.

With their peaceful and friendly behavior, they are one of the perfect choices for intermediaries. All you need to ensure is an appropriate tank set-up that mirrors their natural habitat areas and good food so that your Celebes rainbowfish live a stress-free life in your home aquarium.