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Enigma Axolotl Overview, Appearance, Diet & Care Guide

Enigma axolotls are one of the finest creations among the salamanders’ group. This beautifully colored axolotl has an exclusive grey shade and sparkling eyes, making it a treat to watch. Thus, owing to their unique appearance, they can easily enhance the beauty of the tank in your home.

Grey axolotls come with a unique color combination of black and green, making them relatively easy to spot. Moreover, they are amenable, and it is an easy job to take care of these species. Also, as they do not grow more than 13 cm, they can fit easily in a 20-gallon nicely decorated tank.

Species Overview

Axolotl can be found in a wide range of colors and shades. Their little limbs, innocent-looking face, and color variations, everything makes us quite curious to know about them, right?

Some of the famous color variants of axolotls are pink, black, golden yellow, albino, white, and blue. Well, this is not the end of the list, as there are plenty of others.

But amongst all, are you looking for one having unique greyish shades? Well, don’t worry, these species come with a color variant near to a greyish hue, known as the grey axolotl.

Enigma Axolotl

However, before you make a purchase, you must know everything about this docile creature.

By looking at the name, you might think grey axolotls are entirely grey in color, but that’s not the case. You may have seen several attractive images on the internet, but the truth is that they do not have perfect grey color.

These come in a magnificent combination of colors.

Their base body has a black color combined with unique greenish color patterns over the entire body. And due to their striking color combination and appearance, grey or enigma axolotls are considered the most preferred variation among all other color morphs.



Enigma axolotls are dark in color having golden eyes, whitish toes and belly, and pale red gills. Their body is covered with a shiny golden patch that often appears green from various angles.

This unique salamander was discovered first in the United States by a breeder. This wild-type axolotl has many iridophores in its genes, which renders them a greenish-grey hue.

Well, do you know what the best thing about this creature is? Their color can adapt well to their surroundings, rendering them a camouflaging trait. So, if you keep them inside your tank, you may find it difficult to locate them because their color matches the plants inside the tank.

But when you choose an enigma axolotl, you must remember that they will get darkened when they grow.


Grey axolotls have the ideal body length, unlike other salamander species. They are neither too short nor too long. Their moderate size makes them a perfect option for a medium-sized tank for your home.

Usually, when they become a fully-grown adult, they tend to reach up to a length of 11-12 inches. However, their body length and growth depend on their regular diet and care.


While taking care of any pet, you must be worried about the creature’s lifespan, right? After all, every owner wants to enjoy long-lasting company with their pets.

But there is nothing to worry about it when you are getting a grey or enigma axolotl. Why? Well, that’s because they are tough and quite hardy. So, if they are offered the right water conditions, good diet, and optimum care, they can live up to 12-15 years.


Are you excited to have an Enigma axolotl as your pet? Well, then you need to be well-acquainted with their care requirements.

If you are already experienced in petting fish or other axolotls in your aquarium, there is probably nothing new for you to know about while adopting grey one.

Nevertheless, for your convenience, we have put forward a list of crucial factors that must be ensured to offer top-notch care to your little enigma axolotl.

While transferring them to a new tank, a fishnet must be used. Avoid touching them with your bare hands as it may harm their skin’s upper sensitive layer.

Enigmas prefer dwelling in clean and well-filtered water. So, the tank water must be kept crystal clear.

Any ferocious mates must not be kept with them, or else they can nip off your axolotl’s external gills. The tank mates you choose must be a perfect fit for their temperament and must have the same water parameter needs. However, you can also keep them alone in a species only tank.

Tank Setup

There are not many differences between axolotls and other freshwater fish while caring for them in your home tank.

So, follow the given below steps to set up a suitable tank environment:

Tank Size

A tank having a 20-gallon capacity is enough for a grey axolotl. But do not forget to prioritize the tank’s depth more than its length.

These creatures like to roam or float around at the top. So, your fish aquarium must have a minimum depth of 2 ft. so that they can swim about freely. Also, make sure that the tank has a cover above because axolotls often try to jump out of the aquarium.


One of the necessary things about petting grey axolotls is that their aquarium must have a good filtration rate. As they have a messy eating routine, their leftover food damages their tank’s water quality.

Therefore, for them, consider a sponge or canister filter. These filters do not generate much turbulence in the tank but keep the water clean. Also, change the tank water regularly to keep your innocent pets healthy and happy.


When it comes to décorating the tank for your grey axolotl, there are not many restrictions about what to include and what not to include in your aquarium. Everything that you like can be added. But keep it spacious enough for it to hide.

Well, aquarium plants and caves can be added to the tank so that your grey axolotl can hide and take rest peacefully. But you must know that these have very sensitive skin. Thus, avoid incorporating décors that have a sharp surface. Otherwise, they may harm their skin, resulting in severe infections.


Now, while deciding the substrate, you need to keep certain things in mind. Enigma axolotls can easily thrive in a bare bottom tank. But it is better to use fine sand because, at times, bare bottom tanks might become slippery for them to walk.

But always remember not to add tiny stones or pebbles into the aquarium as a substrate because axolotls are too careless about eating. As a result, they may end up gulping those stones, causing harm to their intestine and digestive system.


When you want to set up a tank for your magnificent enigma axolotl, you need to take special care of the lighting condition in your tank. Try to maintain an optimum day-night cycle in the aquarium.

Moreover, these are pretty sensitive to bright lighting. So, try to maintain a low lighting condition in their tank.

Enigma Axolotl Food & Diet

If you want to pet an enigma axolotl in your aquarium, you need to meet their dietary requirements adequately. So, make sure to provide them with a nutritious diet for fulfilling the needs of these creatures.

Well, enigmas are carnivores. So, a sufficient amount of protein must be added to their diet. But how often should these be fed? For the younger ones, giving them food once a day is sufficient. However, for older ones, it is recommended to feed them every 2-3 days.

Here are some food items that can be offered to your grey axolotl.

  • Red wigglers
  • Alive black worms
  • Micro warms
  • Soft salmon pellets
  • Frozen bloodworms
  • Nightcrawlers

Is it recommended for beginners to pet grey or enigma axolotls?

We can understand your excitement for petting a grey axolotl. But you need to realize that these are not common species. So, if you want to take care of these sensitive creatures, you must be able to meet their needs.

Sometimes things can become challenging while tackling them in a tank. Therefore, if you are a newbie in fish caring, you should not opt. It is better to acquire experience in fish-keeping before petting an enigma axolotl.

However, if you think you can take care of them properly, you need to check on them frequently. You must try knowing whether these species adapt well to their surroundings or need any extra care or attention. If you spot any trace of illness, get in touch with the vet immediately.


It always looks and feels great to have an exotic-looking axolotl as a pet in your home aquarium, right? Well, you need to do nothing more than adopt the proper measures for taking optimum care of these innocent and unique creatures.

There are several interesting facts about enigma axolotls. But the most interesting one is that they can recognize you if you visit their tank frequently. In short, axolotls are pretty interactive and amiable.

So, if you want such an interactive pet for your house, getting one would be a great choice.