Green Terror Cichlid – Tank Mates, Tank Requirement and More..

Green Terror Cichlid


Freshwater Green Terror Cichlid has other names 1) Silver Seam 2) Silver Saum 3) Gold Seam 4) Gold Saum. Green Terror Cichlid Habitat in Ecuador and Peru. Size upto 27cm, They are Territorial and aggressive and eat live foods. Aquarium Temperature ranges from 68 to 75°F or 20-24°C

About Green Terror Cichlid


  • was first discovered in 1860 and can be found in Ecuador and Peru
  • other names 1) Silver Seam 2) Silver Saum 3) Gold Seam 4) Gold Saum
  • They can grow upto 27cm in length. 
  • They are Territorial and Aggressive 
  • Life expectancy around 8 to 10 years 
  • Not for beginners aquarist as they are very aggressive and can eat and kill other fishes if kept with smaller fish
  • They are omnivorous, and its always good to feed live foods 

The scientific name of Green Terror Cichlid

Their scientific name is Andinoacara rivulatus, and previously their scientific name was Aequidens. Rivulatus

How to identify Green Terror Cichlid


  • Lager Fish, Length can be about 27cm 
  • They have the same markings those which can we found on Blue Acara
  • Head of male Green Terror is enormous and very noticeable forehead which make them apart from Blue Acara 
  • Gold Saum have Golden/ reddish, and Silver Saum have Whitish/silvery edges to their dorsal and caudal fins 

The behaviour of Green Terror Cichlid


  • They are very aggressive and territorial, Cichlid.
  • They swim around the whole Aquarium and do not limit themself to any particular aquarium location. Looks for food at the top of the Aquarium as well as at the bottom of the Aquarium 
  • Males are less aggressive than females. More they grow old more aggressive they became 
  • Keep fish of the same size or larger. If kept, smaller fish will be killed or eaten by Green Terror. 
  • It’s advisable to stay the same fish in one tank and preferably in pair if possible.
  • They are more aggressive at the time of mating. 
  • they are known for their Digging ability, so they always prefer to plant deep-rooted plants; otherwise, they will be pulled plants and destroy it 

Diet for Green Terror Cichlid


  • They are omnivorous, and it’s always better to feed them varieties of food. 
  • Live Food is still better for Fishes, and if that’s not possible, then frozen food is also good. 
  • Granules 
  • Tablets
  • Pallets 
  • Shrimps
  • Earth Worms 
  • Mussel Meat
  • Flakes
  • Crickets
  • Tube Worms
  • Small Crustaceans
  • Insects
  • some times can feed them with vegetables 

Try not to feed them more than twice a day. The primary cause of fish deaths related to over-providing fish, so it avoids overfeeding them.

Green Terror Cichlid Tanks Mates 


  • Managuense Cichlid
  • Fire Mouth Cichlid
  • Flowerhorn Cichlid
  • Managuense Cichlid
  • Bleeding Heart Tetras
  • Silver Dollar Characoid
  • Pacu (Piaractus brachypomus )

Green Terror Cichlid Tanks Aquarium (Tank ) Condition 


  • They used to calm water and river basis. 
  • it’s always best to replicate a natural habitat environment as close a possible for fish to live longer 
  • Deep Routed plats required for the Aquarium so that they cant plucked them out 
  • Rocks and sand will be a great addition in an Aquarium 

Green Terror Cichlid Tank Setup Guide 


  • tank temperature ranges from 68 to 75°F or 20-24°C
  • the temperature should be a little higher in the breeding period 
  • water PH should be in the range 6.5-8 pH
  • maintain water hardness between 5 to 20 dH
  • Need atleast 35 gallons tank for single fish and pair above 75 gallons Tank so that they can move freely and do their all-natural activities.
  • They are sensitive to light, so avoid bright light and keep the Aquarium where light is not that bright.
  • You can equip your Aquarium with lots of rocks and plants and go for caves in the Aquarium.
  •  It’s always better to replace 20% of the water every Two weeks to keep water chemistry right. If water and food are a good colour of the fish will be okay. 
  • always good to install an external water filter as they are sensitive to water chemistry 

if one takes care of these three things, you will notice 

  • colour of fish is good
  • they ill not get a disease
  • they will live longer 
  • and do all their activities, and you will love them 

Green Terror Cichlid

Breeding Green Terror Cichlid 


  • Either buy them in pairs or keep many and let them pair themself. 
  • don’t support them with other fishes at the time of laying eggs as male green terror are more aggressive and can kill other fishes as male fish protect eggs
  • males are more aggressive, and females are clam and take care of eggs 
  • Hatching of eggs takes around 2 to 5 days. 
  • Will lay eggs on precleaned rocks. If no stones, they will lay eggs on the bottom of the aquarium glass. It’s always better to keep gravel in Aquarium; otherwise, they dig Aquarium at the time of hatching. 
  • Approximately 450 to 600 eggs are laid at once and guided by Male green terror cichlid, and females will take care of young ones. They take care of their young ones like good parents. 
  • Water PH level should be around 6.5, and the temperature should be about 78 to 80°F at the time of swaying 

Green Terror Cichlid Common Disease 


  • once should maintain nitrate and phosphorous levels in the Aquarium
  • always use Bio-Filters so that can maintain water chemistry 
  • They are prone to some diseases and infections. 
  • To avoid illness, one should keep water hardness and clean water of the Aquarium regularly to avoid.
  •  Viral Diseases are widespread in tropical freshwater fish. The leading cause of this is Stress, as many keep them in a small tank. 

Is Green Terror Cichlid right for Aquarium…?


  • Beginners try to avoid keeping this fish. Yes, if you have experience in keeping fish can certainly a great addition to your Aquarium.
  • Beginners must go for Calm Fish at the beginning and, once gained experience, can then go for more aggressive fishes. 
  • They need atleast a 35-gallon tank, and if planning to keep more, they need 75 gallons of the tank to survive. 
  • The Aquarium needs regular maintenance. 

if you think you can manage these things and love aggressive fish in your Aquarium, can go ahead and keep them