Leucistic Axolotl: Information Guide for Beginners

Leucistic axolotl is one of the unique salamanders that stands out in pet stores. It is popular due to its striking appearance and easy care.

The docile and cute creature makes a delightful companion and can be nurtured just like typical axolotls.

Some claim that it is found in the wild, but the morph results from selective breeding. So, it’s only because human beings have introduced them to the natural habitat of wild axolotls.

Note: For thorough guidance on leucistic axolotl care, upbringing, and breeding, check out the main article of the axolotl care guide.

What is a Leucistic Axolotl?

The leucistic axolotl is known for its leucism – a genetic mutation that reduces the production of dark pigment-producing melanocytes. Thus, it causes white, pale, or even patchy shades. Its root word, “leuko,” means white.

In axolotls, this is a result of a damaged or absent Edn3 version. The Edn3 is a gene that codes Endothelin-3 protein and commands the chromatophores to shift from the neural crest and further spread across its body.

How does Leucistic Axolotl look?

Speckled Leucistic Axolotl

Leucistic axolotls are entirely translucent white with shiny gold dots. They feature blue, dark brown, or black eyes and pink gills. Though similar to albino axolotls, they lack red eyes. They may or may not develop freckles.

These axolotls are rare in the wild, as predators can easily spot and hunt them. But they are extremely common and popular in captivity.

There are a few kinds of leucistic axolotls available, like the following:

  • Clean Leucistic Axolotls: They have no melanin other than their eyes.
  • Dirty Leucistic Axolotls: They have melanin in their bodies other than their eyes, like the face or back.
  • Dark Gill Leucistic Axolotls: These have melanin in their eyes and gill stalks.

What is the Cost of Leucistic Axolotl?

To own these salamanders, consider spending between $30 and $80 or more based on your location. Their unique colors make them expensive. Further, there is also an additional cost for their tank setup and food.

What are the Pros and Cons of Having a Leucistic Axolotl?


The best part about this axolotl are:

  • It looks adorable and has attractive antics
  • It has a much simpler diet than the wild axolotls


The only challenge about having this axolotl is that you must house it individually or in species-specific or sex-specific tanks.

A word from FishInAquarium

In summary, a leucistic axolotl will surely provide you immense joy with their charming features. Its care is also manageable with proper research and preparation.

Further, with a good understanding of its tank needs and dedicated care, you can ensure the happiness of this cherished companion for a long time.

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Wishing you many delightful moments with your new aquatic friend!

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