Sea Life Aquarium Orlando: A Haven for Aquatic Life

Splash into the incredible underwater world of the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium. Get the chance to explore marine life with beautiful sea creatures. Located at ICON Park, in the heart of International Drive, the Sea Life Aquarium has become the center of attraction.

Here is the complete guide about the Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando. Go through the below sections and make your next visit easier and more enjoyable.

What is Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Sea Life Aquarium Orlando is a world-famous tourist place in the International Drive Resort Area. The aquarium offers a heavenly view of 5000+ aquatic creatures of the ocean world. It is the ultimate thrilling destination to have fun with family and friends.

Best Time to VisitDecember-January
Suggested Visit Duration3-4 hours
Visiting HoursSun – Thu: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Fri – Sat: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Ticket Prices• General Admission: $ 30.40 per adult
• Children under 2: Free
• Child (3-12 years): $23.99
SpecialtyGreeting animals (Sharks, turtles, sea horses, tropical fishes), Exhibits, Theme parties’ arrangement, exploring the 360-degree ocean tunnel, Jelly Wall, Indian Ocean, Feeding Frenzy, and Rockpool
Address8449 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819, USA (View on Maps)
Contact Number(s)+1 855-450-0680

What is the History of Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Sea Life Aquariums are currently in 50 locations across 17 countries. Among them, Sea Life Orlando Aquarium is part of their family. It was opened in 2015. Orlando’s underwater world is located on International Drive. It is part of ICON Park and covers the largest portion of it.

The aquarium is spread across 25,000 square feet. It is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world. Visiting the place is like plunging deep into the ocean to explore Florida’s only 360-degree ocean tunnel.

It remains the major tourist attraction of the International Drive commercial area.

Fun Facts

  • Visitors can enjoy a thrilling VR trip to the Bahamas to greet the majestic Tiger Shark.
  • It is the USA’s only 360-degree ocean tunnel of diverse underwater plants to intriguing marine animals.
  • The two celebrities of the aquarium, Ted, the turtle, and Joy, the Zebra Shark, are the center of attraction.
  • Visitors can feed starfish, tang crabs, anemones, and other invertebrates.
  • The aquarium offers the chance to explore the beauty of the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

Does Sea Life Aquarium Orlando have Free Admission?

The aquarium offers free admission to children under two years old.

How much are the Tickets for Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

  • 13 Years & Above: $30.40. The ticket involves exhibits and shows.
  • Admission + Digital Photos: From $37.99
  • Admission + Digital Photos + Virtual Reality: From $42.99

The tickets for visiting the aquarium are available in different customized forms. You can book the tickets online and at the gate but it is better to book online for a hassle-free experience.

Are there any speciate rates for Florida Resident Tickets (Admission + Digital Photos)?

It is a special ticket for Florida residents. Visitors must show their residential proof at the admission desk to get this ticket. You can show your utility bill, state-issued ID, or bank statement. Visitors who cannot get the proof must pay for a full-priced ticket.

  • Child (3-12 years): $23.99
  • Adult: $28.99

How much are the combo tickets for Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

The aquarium offers combo tickets to visit multiple attractions with a single ticket. These offers are available at the lowest price.

  • Sea Life + Madame Tussauds + Digital Photos: $44.99 per adult
  • Sea Life + Madame Tussauds + The Wheel: $54.99 per adult
  • Sea Life + Madame Tussauds + LEGOLAND + The Wheel: $109.99 per adult

Note: You can book this 4 in 1 attraction ticket only online.

How much are the military tickets for Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Sea Life Aquarium offers exclusive passes for United States Veterans and their families. The ticket is applicable for up to four individuals. The visitor must show their military ID at the admissions desk. Check the terms and conditions before booking.

Are there any Ticket Discounts for Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

You can save up to 20% with general admission tickets to the aquarium. Discounts are also available for combo tickets on the website.

  • Book early to enjoy discounts on 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 combo attraction tickets.
  • The visitors get the best-discounted prices online along with the fast entry.
  • Visitors planning to get tickets can visit Go City for up to 50% off on general admission. The website offers a Go Orlando pass, including Sea Life Aquarium.

Are Gift Cards available at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Gift cards are currently unavailable at the Sea Life Aquarium’s site. But you can get gift cards from websites like Giftly and GiftRocket.

What are the Animal Encounters at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Turtle © Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium offers the chance to explore the beautiful and deadly sharks. It also features sea turtles, stingrays, octopuses, and many more creatures. Get into Orlando’s 360-degree ocean tunnel to encounter the heavenly world of marine species.

Here is the list of animals you will love to watch in the aquarium.

1. Meet the Sharks

The aquarium offers visitors a fantastic display of its sharks. You can learn a lot about these oceanic creatures.

The aquarium has five famous shark types – Mario & Luigi are the Bonnethead sharks, and Joy is a zebra shark, Ellie – Epaulette shark, Coral Catsharks, and Bamboo sharks.

2. Three Famous Turtles

The turtles are the major attraction of the Sea Life Aquarium, Orlando. There are three famous turtles in the aquarium.

Ted is the loggerhead sea turtle which is the most-loved creature in Orlando. The aquarium features it on a Frontier Airlines plane.

Chely is another sea turtle. The turtle has a crack on its shell. But still, Chely enjoys swimming. Visitors love to see the aquarists practicing dives in Chely’s tank. The exhibit features putting lettuce in the tank to encourage the turtle to stay deeper in the water.

Terrapin turtles are another magnificent creature found in the aquarium. You will learn their dietary preferences and survival skills.

3. Greet the Octopus

The octopus at the aquarium will astound you if you go there. The Huge Pacific Octopus is the center of attraction here. Visitors get to learn about the animal’s unique and adaptable abilities, and you will discover its extraordinary intelligence and multiple hearts.

The octopus is an excellent escape artist with camouflage abilities. Also, you can get the chance to see how it has its food. The cunning ability to evade predators is another exceptional skill to witness.

4. Beautiful Stingrays

You will get to visit the aquatic world of stingrays. Here, you will learn how stingrays are essential to the marine ecosystem. There are so many facts to know about this creature, and the staff will help you learn amazing facts and history about these exotic aquatic creatures.

Moreover, you will spot different stingrays at the Sea Life aquarium. The round, yellow, blue, butterfly and mangrove stingrays are mostly noticed in the aquarium. Visit to witness a wholesome stingray experience and support the conservation process.

5. Playful Seahorses

Another unique creature the aquarium features are the playful seahorse. Kids will enjoy interacting with them. Visitors get to learn about the history of the seahorses and much more. The aquarium is home to numerous colorful seahorses.

The best thing about the creatures is that males brood their babies. If lucky, visitors can watch how the male seahorses give birth. The aquarium guides let you witness this rare experience.

What are the Exhibits at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Jellyfish © Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

The aquarium hosts several exhibits covering the entire underwater world. All of them are thrilling, exciting, and fun-filled. Kids love to explore the exhibits and spend maximum time there.

1. 360 ° Ocean Tunnel

The 360-degree ocean tunnel tour is the most famous exhibit in the Sea Life Aquarium. Visitors get the chance to experience the real marine world inside the tunnel. The aquarium features eels, turtles, sharks, and starfishes around the tunnel.

You will meet the rescued marine animals – a green sea turtle and zebra sharks. The tunnel tour is exciting as it offers spectacular views of the marine ecosystem.

2. Jelly Wall Exhibit

The Jelly Wall exhibit features jellyfish neon spectacles on the wall. It is famously known as the gelatinous groove. In the exhibition, the visitors learn the behavior and anatomy of these stunning aquatic species.

You can touch the wall and feel the groove. It is the best section in the aquarium to take digital photos. Enjoy good photography sessions with your family and friends with the amazing neon background. Visitors love to spend more time in this part.

3. Indian Ocean Exhibition

Explore the unparalleled view of the Indian Ocean in this exhibit. It will be fascinating to watch the colorful tropical fishes everywhere. Ted – the famous Loggerhead turtle, is the host of this exhibit, and he is the most lovable creature of all.

Ted features on a Frontier plane and gives a send-off to his supporters. There are other beautiful creatures following Ted in the exhibit. Here, you will also explore the complete marine ecosystem. The visitors will also witness the sea horses living in the ocean.

4. Feeding Frenzy

Visitors are always excited to go to the feeding part of the aquarium. The feeding frenzy exhibition lets you feed the fish in the tank. Kids will love to touch the friendly fish. This session is interactive among all exhibits.

You can feed and take photos and videos with your family. It is the place to create memories with the exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. The aquarist will guide you through feeding the targets and enjoying the moment. This will also help the visitors learn the dietary habits of fish.

5. Coastal Rockpool

The coastal rockpool is the kids’ favorite part. The exhibit lets the visitors explore the touch tank. The pool has incredible micro-ecosystems. The aquatic species live inside the tank. The aquarist will guide the kid to get close and touch the invertebrate species.

The visitors will venture into the beautiful Rock Pools. The pool consists of native creatures such as crustaceans, sponges, mollusks, seaweed, urchins, and many more. You can feel their moments inside the pool.

6. Behind the Scenes Tour – VR Rides

Dive deeper into the ocean world to enjoy behind-the-scenes tours. You will find QR codes on the tanks throughout your visit. The visitors can scan the codes to watch the fun and thrilling videos of marine life. You will know more about the creature. The video features the professional aquarists of the aquarium.

Enjoy the virtual reality experience of Tiger Shark. It will offer you a face-to-face VR encounter with the magnificent Shark.

Note: Visitors above six years old are allowed for this ride.

What are the Learning Opportunities at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Mermaid © Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium, Orlando, allows school and group visits for educational purposes. The aquarium offers educational and feeding presentations, dive talks, and more. The learning opportunities are for children to learn about the marine ecosystem and the incredible species.

Special School and Group Visits – Sea Life Education

The Sea Life Aquarium hosts education sessions for school students. The kids connect with the ocean world and learn about the creatures. The session is about today’s generation to protect the ocean and the aquatic life in the feature.

The educational team will teach interesting facts and myths about the underwater world. The children will dive into the world of the ocean to interact with the animals.

Booking Information

The aquarium admission rates for school visit starts from $11.99 per person. It is available only for children in the K-12 grade of local school groups. Combo tickets are also available for school students to visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum with the Aquarium.

It starts from $21.99 per person. It is mandatory to book advance online reservations 14 days before the visit. The school groups get one free chaperone ticket for every ten tickets purchased.

School group visits of a minimum of 10 people qualify for the benefit.

What Events does Sea Life Aquarium Orlando host?

The aquarium hosts adventurous events for family and friend troops, school groups, and individuals. It’s fun and exciting to hold events in the aquarium. Themed parties are organized in the special party rooms.

Birthday celebration under the waves is a great experience. You have to book the party packages in advance. The guests can access personalized party rooms, gaming sections, and more.

Party Packages

  • Standard Party Packages: The booking price of this package is $375. Guests enjoy discounts. The packages offer a guest capacity of 25. The amenities include private room access and pre-planned party arrangements.
  • Premium Party Packages: The premium package costs $475. It offers 25 guest capacity. The amenities of this package include a themed party arrangement, a private party room, and stress-free planning.

What are the Dining Options at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Visitors can dine-in in the nearby restaurants and cafes located near the aquarium. There is a restaurant inside the terminal building to enjoy food and drinks. The food court is located before you enter the aquarium.

The visitors must ensure they visit the food court and enter the aquarium. Re-entry is prohibited with the same ticket. Also, food items and drinks are even restricted inside the aquarium. So, finding a café or restaurant in the aquarium is hard. Planning to dine at nearby places in the International Drive Area is better.

Is there a Gift Shop at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Sea Treasure Shop

The Sea Life Aquarium has a gift shop near the end of the aquarium. The public gets free access to the shop. The visitors don’t need tickets to enter the Sea Treasure Shop.

After visiting the aquarium, you can step into the shop in your free time. Enjoy shopping for miniatures, fun marine items, and decors.

What are Rescue & Conservation Programs at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Epaulette shark
Epaulette Shark © Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

The aquarium plays a significant role in various conservation projects. It takes part in the rescue of endangered marine species. Here is the list of conservation projects.

  • Sea Life Trust: Sea Life Aquarium of Orlando is a part of the Sea Life Trust. It is a charity program for the development of the marine world.
  • Protecting the Ocean: The project involves the latest conservation efforts to protect the ocean and its surrounding.
  • Sea Food Watch: The aquarium is partnered with Monetary Bay Seafood Watch Program.
  • Breed, Rescue & Protect: This conservation project involves the best animal breeding and rehabilitation practices.

Are there any Hotels at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

The guests will not find any hotels or accommodation facilities at the aquarium. But the aquarium recommends the best hotel option in the I-DRIVE location.

Aquarium Map

The aquarium map covers everything to explore within the underwater world. The map includes the route to the 360-degree ocean tunnel, exhibits, event section, Indian and Atlantic oceans, etc. The map is divided into 18 major sections to give complete route detail.

The visitors must carefully navigate the map to locate the admission and ticket desk. Especially families with children have to be more careful with the routes.

How to Reach Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Orlando’s Sea Life Aquarium is at 8449 International Drive at ICON Park. It is easier to get to the aquarium because of the availability of public transport. The tourist can also take the short distance from Orange County convention center and the hotels.

What are the Directions for Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

By Car: It will take approximately 13 to 15 minutes to visit. The aquarium is just 10 miles away from the Orlando City Center.

By Metro: Reach the 14 – I-Drive 360 Metro Station. It takes a one-minute drive to reach the aquarium.

By Bus: Get down at 13 Brickhouse Tavern Bus Stop. It takes only a two-minute walking distance to enter the aquarium.

Is Parking available at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Onsite parking is available at the aquarium. The parking section is inside the ICON park on International Drive and Universal Blvd. Several parking levels are available – valet, premium, and free parking.

Parking near the garage can be tight during peak periods. The visitors have to plan accordingly.

Note: Free parking at levels 4 to 7.

Is EV Charging available at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

The EV charging station is located 6.9 miles away from the aquarium, near the I-DRIVE area. EV Level 2 charging is free and may cost between $0.20 and $0.30 per kWh.

What are the Hotels Near Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Nearby, the Sea Life Aquarium, Orlando, and many premium star hotels and suites are available. It offers world-class amenities and a natural environment. You will also get budget-friendly stays. Here is the list of top hotels nearby the aquarium.

Castle Hotel, Autograph Collection (Best Modern Suite)

Distance: 0.4 mi

The Castle Hotel offers a modern and romantic suite experience near Universal Blvd. in Orlando. This hotel is best for couples with delightful surroundings. The rooms are designed elegantly and accommodated with a beautiful pool view and mellow music.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Orlando International Drive (Best Luxurious Experience)

Distance: 0.2 mi

The Fairfield Inn & Suites provides a luxurious experience with deluxe rooms. It is an ideal option for families. It offers fully furnished family suites equipped with a modern setup. It has an outer pool facility and fitness center for personal time.

Homewood Suites by Hilton Orlando-International Drive (Business-Friendly Experience)

Distance: 0.5 mi

Homewood Suites is a business-friendly three-star hotel near the aquarium. During your stay, you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and good room service. It offers a friendly environment with 24/7 customer support. You can also book affordable rooms here.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando International Drive (Best Premium Service)

Distance: 0.5 mi

Embassy Suites are eco-certified hotels well known for their premium services. It is the best choice for families looking for kid-friendly and pet-friendly stays. The personalized family suites have a separate living space with a wet bar, coffeemaker, in-room safes, HDTVs, and much more amenities.

StaySky Suites I-Drive Orlando (Well-Furnished Stay)

Distance: 1.3 mi

StaySky Suites offers the best value stay in Orlando near the aquarium. The Suites have living rooms, separate dining, and kitchens. It provides access to the outdoor heated pool and jacuzzi to relax. It also offers free parking for its guests.

What are the Restaurants Near Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Visitors look for restaurants and cafes near the Sea Life Aquarium to dine in. Hopefully, there are top restaurants in the International Drive Area. Let’s explore the best five dine-in places.

Ole Red Orlando (Best Entertainment)

Distance: 0.1 mi

The Ole Red Orlando is a complete entertainment package. It offers a massive dine-in space with a live music venue and retail space. It is famous for its modern top-tier live music, signature dishes, and drinks. It is also rated among the top-rated restaurants in Orlando.

Tapa Toro (Best Spanish Restaurant)

Distance: 0.1 mi

Tapa Toro is a great place for Spanish Cuisine cravers. It offers a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to enjoy the contemporary dining experience. Its menu offers the best Spanish flavors in the heart of Central Florida. It also has an extensive collection of imported wines.

Kings Dining & Entertainment (Best Place to Hangout)

Distance: 0.2 mi

It is another best dining place to have fun with friends. The venue has an enchanting view dining hall and a complete gaming experience. It is the right place to socialize and meet new people, enjoying a fun and safe atmosphere. The menu has its own signature Shareables and snack items.

Ox Grill Restaurant (Best Steakhouse)

Distance: 0.1 mi

Ox Grill is a famous 5-star cuisine and steakhouse in the I-Drive area in Orlando. It is also the best place to celebrate family and friends’ get-together parties. It offers a unique international menu in an elegant atmosphere. It also offers the best cocktails and beer in the town.

Tin Roof Orlando (Best Quesadillas Restaurant)

Distance: 0.2 mi

Located in the center of the I-Drive, Tin Roof is a place to enjoy good food and music. It is a live music bar hosting musical concerts. It serves the world-famous Quesadillas. Also, it has an extensive menu for burgers, sandwiches, and tacos. The place is known for its premium wine collection.

What are the Attractions Near Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

There are major tourist attractions in the International Drive Area near the aquarium. The visitors can enjoy spending time before returning to their destination. Let’s explore the top attractions nearby.

Madame Tussauds Orlando

Distance: 0.2 mi

Madame Tussauds is the World’s Greatest Wax Museum to have indoor fun all day. The museum is home to life-size wax replicas of popular American celebrities and icons. The visitors can explore their Superheroes statues in themed galleries. It is a world of glamor and fame.

I-Drive Star Bar

Distance: 0.2 mi

International Drive Star Bar is a perfect place to explore the best drinks in Orlando. It serves its signature crafted cocktail drinks. A place to have fun with friends and enjoy the nightlife. It is the top-rated bar in the I-Drive region with its guest-friendly service.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Distance: 3.8 mi

For Harry Potter fans, it is a famous themed park featuring the wizarding world. It offers impressive and thrilling rides and many fun activities. It features the magnificent magical view of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. The visitors can have a good time with their kids.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Distance: 2.8 mi

It is another magical theme park near the Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando. The visitor will enter the mythical world to explore the beasts, superheroes, and magical creatures. You can enjoy adventurous roller coasters and water rides inside the park.

Fun Spot America

Distance: 2.3 mi

Fun Spot America is a part of amusement parks, offering a complete package of fun and entertainment to the family. The tourists enjoy many fun activities, such as the Four-Story Go Kart Track, Family Rides, Roller Coasters, Batting Cages, and more. It is a place to have all-day fun.

Does Sea Life Aquarium Orlando have Working Options?

The Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando offers an ocean of opportunities for the candidates looking forward to joining the team. You can serve the welfare of aquatic life in a reputed job role. There are different job roles available on their website. They welcome interested candidates with numerous job roles and internships.

1. Job Opportunities

The aquarium offers open job opportunities for marine biologists. They prefer to hire intellectual candidates who can serve them the best. Other available job roles are – Guest Experience Host and Rides Controls Technician.

2. Internships

You can make inquiries about the available internships on their site.

Does Sea Life Aquarium Orlando accept Donation?

Sea Life Orlando Aquarium is a part of conversation and charity programs. Along with Sea Life Trust, it joins hands to protect the ocean world. The aquarium also plays a significant role in promoting Stingrays conservation and other projects.

You can inquire about donating and helping in different conservation projects.

What are the Reviews of Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Visitors prefer to be aware of the reviews before visiting the aquarium. Public reviews play an important role in deciding to visit a place.

The Sea Life Aquarium has received positive reviews from visitors. Their experiences show how greatly they enjoyed the underwater world tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sea Life Aquarium?

The Sea Life Orlando Aquarium is situated in the United States at 8449 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819.

Is Sea Life Aquarium Orlando free?

Children under 2 get free entry at the Sea Life Aquarium. Others above the age group need to purchase tickets.

How much are the tickets for Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

The Sea Life Orlando General Admission tickets start from $23.99.

How big is Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

The Sea Life Aquarium covers 25,000 square feet of space in the ICON park. It is the largest attraction of the I-Drive area.

How long to spend at the Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

It takes at least one to two hours to enjoy the complete aquarium. You can visit the tunnel, VR rides, exhibits, gift shops, etc., within this time.

Where to park at Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

There are several parking sites available onsite. Visitors can park inside the ICON park on International Drive and Universal Blvd.

How much is parking for Sea Life Aquarium Orlando?

Free parking is available at different levels in the garage. Visitors can go for paid parking in the premium and velvet sections.

Is the Sea Life Aquarium Orlando worth it?

Yes, the Sea Life Aquarium is worth a visit. It is the best place to explore the ocean world. It can be the right place to enjoy with kids, family, and friends on weekends. Moreover, the aquarium has a 4+ rating at the top review sites.

Other Nearby Aquariums

A word from FishInAquarium

Sea Life Aquarium is the must-visit destination in Orlando, Florida. If you love oceans and want to explore marine life, then plan a visit to the place. You will love interacting with aquatic animals like sharks, turtles, and seahorses.

Also, it is a place to learn about aquatic habitats and lifestyles. Enjoy exclusive ticket prices with school visits. It is an adventurous place at ICON Park.

This was the complete information regarding the visit to the Sea Life aquarium. Do share the article with your loved ones if you found it helpful. For more information, contact us on our site.

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