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Tropical Fish Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What fish looks like an angelfish?

Black Skirt Tetras and Blackbanded sunfish look somewhat like Angelfish.

Though Black Skirt Tetras are not the exact match, their fins are almost like Angelfish. Also, they have got a triangular-shaped body like the Angelfish.

On the other side, Blackbanded sunfish looks quite similar to Angelfish but is smaller in size. These are very delicate fish and require proper care.

Is it okay to use a Tetra weekend tropical fish block for discus fish?

Yes, you can use a Tetra weekend fish block for your discus fish. But make sure that the blocks have enough nutrition value.

Besides, you also need to take care of other things like feeding your discus fish block at the right time, maintaining the optimum water temperature, and keeping the quality of the water intact.

However, you can even contact the tropical feeding block’s manufacturer to confirm if it is okay for your Discus fish or contact an aqua vet for the purpose.

What type of tropical fish live best in Vallejo?

Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Rainbow Trout, California Halibut, Leopard Shark, Bluegill, White Sturgeon, Bat Eagle Ray, Channel Catfish, and Chinook Salmon are some popular tropical fish that thrives best in Vallejo.

Besides, Vallejo houses some of the best fishing spots, including Kasilof, St. Benicia, Mare Island Way, N Camino Alto, Raintree, and Columbus Pkwy.

Is it safe to use bay leaves to treat tropical fish for parasites fungi and bacterial infections?

No. If you want to use bay leaves for your fish to treat bacterial or parasitic fungal infections, you are most probably wrong.

Indeed, bay leaves have high nutritional values and offer medicinal properties to humans, treating diabetes, gas, cancer, bile flow, sweating, dandruff, muscle and joint pain, boils, and other health issues. But bay leaves contain certain chemicals and essential oils that are harmful to fish. Hence, it is not recommended to use for tropical fish treatments.

However, you can consult a fish vet to know more about it.

Is it okay to fill an aquarium up for tropical fish with 30 g tap water, if so, how long should it be filtering for before putting the fish in and what should I add to the water to help condition it for the fish?

Yes, filling your fish tank with 30g of tap water is fine.

All you need to do is allow the water to sit for some days before adding your fish into the said aquarium. The chlorine present in tap water can be harmful to your fish. So, add a few drops of the dichlorination solution to the tank water.

However, ensure that the 30g of tap water you’ll mix with the existing tank water is cold.

Besides, mixing the water into your aquarium water may disturb the gravel substrate. So, after you’re done with adding the water, allow the filter to run for a week before you add your fish to the aquarium.

Can my tropical fish get fin/body rot if I share a siphon with an aquarium with known fin rot? Should I treat it proactively with aquarium salt or melafix?

Yes, it can make your fish get fin or body rot.

Fish aquarium siphons make use of gravity for sucking debris and water out of the tank. Unfortunately, due to faulty construction or overtime usage, the siphoning effect can lead to several uncertainties and pollute the tank water, which, in turn, can harm your tropical fish. This adverse effect can even cause body/fin rot in them.

However, fin rot can be treated with melaflix or aquarium salt. All you need to do is add 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt to 1 gallon of water. Then, mix the salt in the water well before pouring the solution into the aquarium.

If you want to use melaflix, you can similarly add it to your tank water. Due to its antibacterial properties, melaflix can treat various bacterial infections in tropical fish like fin rot, tail rot, mouth fungus, and even abrasions and open wounds. In addition, it helps in the regrowth of fish’ damaged tissues and fins.

How long does water have to stand to be safe for tropical fish?

If you have purchased a new aquarium, you must allow its water to settle for a minimum of 1-2 days before adding your fish to it.

However, you need to properly set up your new fish tank to ensure good health. And for doing so, add the right type of water, plants, substrate, blocks, caves, and other elements that you want to incorporate into the tank based on the needs of your tropical fish.

What kind of tropical fish are there in the ponds of Tahiti?

Anguillidae, Gobiidae, Carangidae, Eleotridae, Poeciliidae, Kuhliidae, Ophichthidae, Latidae, Syngnathidae, Mugilidae, Salmonidae, and Cichlidae are some of the fish you can expect in the ponds of Tahiti.

Also, Barracuda, Blue Marlin, Bluefin Trevally, Dorado, Skipjack Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Grouper, and a lot more types of tropical fish are available here that makes Tahiti a true Indo-Pacific fishing paradise. The best season to get tropical fish in Tahiti is from October to June.

Can wood varnish smell affect tropical fish?

Wood varnish smells can significantly affect your fish. Hence, woods like cork bark, brushwood, and bamboo need to be prepared well before adding them to the aquarium.

These types of woods often contain fungal spores and can rot when wet. So, when they are incorporated into the fish aquarium without prior treatment, they tend to decay quickly, give off a foul smell, produce bacterial blooms, and make the tank water cloudy.

So, to ensure that the wood lasts longer in the aquarium, a clean polyurethane varnish is used for lacquering it. But the smell released by the chemicals present in this wood varnish can be detrimental to your tropical fish.

Hence, it is always recommended to use clear varnish as colored varnishes contain more chemicals, which can be harmful to your tropical fish.

However, to avoid any complications, you can use artificial alternatives. Though expensive, they tend to be relatively less harmful than natural woods and render a realistic look to your tropical fish aquarium.

Does anybody actually eat tropical fish in Minecraft?

Yes, players and certain mobs in Minecraft can eat tropical fish to fulfill their hunger.

Though it cannot be cooked, tropical fish is an edible food item in Minecraft. When players cannot find better food, they can catch and eat tropical fish to restore 1 hunger and 0.2 hunger saturation points.

Moreover, these fish can also be used for taming stray cats, breeding axolotls, and feeding wolves to heal them by 1 health point.

Besides, tropical fish in axolotls also play a significant role in trading. Expert-level fisherman villagers have 1/7 chance to purchase one tropical fish in exchange for an emerald. However, they offer to sell 6 tropical fish for an emerald to players.

Is it safe to release a tropical fish in New Mexico?

No, it is not safe to release a tropical fish from the aquarium to a pond or ocean, be it in New Mexico or some other state.

You must never release your home aquarium’s fish in the wild. It may become food for other fish or die because of the sudden drastic change in its aquatic environment.

Also, you need to read through the guidelines standardized by the government of New Mexico to know whether it is legal to release a tropical fish or not in New Mexican ponds or oceans.

Is it okay to feed betta fish the same food that I feed the rest of my tropical fish which is Omega One Super Color Flakes?

Yes, you can feed Omega One Super Color Flakes to your betta fish, along with your other tropical fish. But if you find that your betta fish do not eat it well or often leaves it uneaten in the water, stop offering the said flake food.

There are specific commercial flakes that are mainly made for betta fish. And you must try them because most other tropical fish flakes may lack the sufficient nutrition needed for bettas to maintain their good health.

Nevertheless, before offering Omega One Super Color Flakes to your betas, it is recommended to consult your aquatic veterinarian to know if the said food is good for the betta species you have.

Is it possible to import tropical fish/cichlids from Lake Tanganyika Tanzania into the USA right now during this Coronavirus?

Yes, you can import tropical fish/cichlids from Lake Tanganyika Tanzania into the USA during this Coronavirus pandemic. However, you need to follow the government-given protocols before importing the fish.

Also, research it well before importing the fish because rules and regulations keep changing every day due to this pandemic.

How often do you feed earthworms to tropical fish?

Though it depends on the type and age of tropical fish you have in your aquarium, you can feed them a meal full of earthworms 1-2 times a week. And in case you’re offering them varied, balanced meals, you can include 1-2 earthworms in every meal.

Providing your tropical fish with earthworms can be a good option because they are not only easy to eat but also a great source of nutrition for your aqua pets.

You need to chop them into tiny pieces to feed smaller fish. However, for medium or large-sized tropical fish like cichlids or bettas, you can cut earthworms in bite sizes.

Are there individual clubs to trade tropical fish with?

Yes, there are several individual clubs where you can trade tropical fish.

It is most likely that you can find one in your locality itself. But if your locality does not have any such club, you can do some research online and discover a nearby one. However, do not forget to check the ratings and reviews before choosing a club for tropical fish trading.

Why does tropical fish have a red spot below its lip?

If you find a red spot below the lip of your tropical fish, it is most likely to be suffering from enteric red mouth disease. This disease is known to affect various tropical fish of all ages.

Stressful situations like increasing water temperature can cause enteric red mouth disease. Also, it can be horizontally transmitted through contact with infected carriers or fish having no symptoms of the disease.

Though this health hazard has a lower mortality rate, you must consult a veterinarian to get your tropical fish appropriately treated. Vaccinations, antibiotics, routinely used Oxolonic acid, amoxicillin, and florfenicol can help treat enteric red mouth disease.

Are automatic door openers harmful to tropical fish?

As of now, there is no such report of an automatic door opener being harmful to your tropical fish. However, sudden door alarms and loud sounds can frighten them. Especially, it is dangerous when they are asleep.

So, during their sleeping times or when the aquarium’s light is off, avoid making sounds or doing anything that might disturb their peaceful sleep.

Do tropical fish poop out parasites once they are being treated for them?

Yes, fish can poop out parasites while being treated for any such infection. This behavior of fish is pretty similar to humans.

When humans get infected with intestinal worms, your gut gets rid of those worms through feces after having the needful medicines. It is the same with tropical fish, too.

However, in fish, it depends on the poop color to decide if it contains parasites or not. So, to know more about how to deal with this, seek professional advice from an aquatic vet.

Can lawn drip system tubing be used in a tropical fish aquarium?

Yes, you can use a lawn drip system for your tropical fish aquarium.

Regular changing the tank water for your tropical fish might be a hectic task. So, with a lawn drip system, you can make sure that it offers a constant drip of fresh new water into your tank so that the excess dirty water overflows and expels out through the drainage system.

Is it possible to get a 22*17 tropical fish calendar for next year?

Yes, you can get a 22*17 tropical fish calendar for 2022. The calendar for tropical freshwater fish and tropical marine fish is out now.

So, you can look for it in the several available online stores or Google it and download the PDF version of the calendar from any renowned website.

Why don’t my tropical fish eat algae flake?

Well, there can be many probable answers to this question. For example, appetite loss is one of the primary causes of tropical fish not eating the offered algae flakes. Also, it might be possible that your fish is suffering from any internal disease like a gut blockage or tumor.

But apart from these, there can be another practical reason – the fish might get picky and bored of regularly eating the same algae flakes. After all, who would like to have the same food again and again?

However, in such a case, bring variation in their diet and offer them various live food. But even after doing so, if the fish refrains from eating anything, contact an aquatic vet as soon as possible.

Can tropical fish recognize other fish in a separate tank?

Yes, tropical fish can accurately recognize other fish in a separate tank, only if both the aquariums lie close and the fish get to see each other every day.

According to research, fish are smart and can recognize almost everything they see. They tend to notice everything that takes place around them. Tropical fish craft a mental map of their surroundings and commit to their memory for further use.

So, in short, yes, tropical fish can recognize the familiar faces of their fellow mates.

Did Vincent Cadby have some exotic fish in the movie When Nature Calls?

Yes, in the movie “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls,” Vincent Cadby had some exotic and rare fish. Opal White Betta fish was one of them. However, Ace Ventura killed it accidentally.

“Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” is truly a movie that depicted nature and its laws at their best. If you want to know more about the exotic fish of Vincent Cadby, watch the movie right away.

Where to rehome/donate tropical fish on Oahu?

If you reside in Oahu and looking for rehoming or donating your tropical fish, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of pet stores where you can give your fish to take good care of.

However, for doing so, first, you need to locate some pet stores in your residence or locality. In case you don’t get hold of a good one, you can check the pet shops or fish stores in Waimea, Honolulu, Pearl City, Ward Ave, Hawaii Kai, Waikele, Kaneohe, Ala Moana, Aiea, Kahala, Salt Lake, and Kailua, where you can donate your fish.

Do I need a tropical fish license to ship from the US to Guam?

No, you won’t require a tropical fish license for shipping your tropical fish from the US to Guam. But there are some rules and regulations that you need to follow while shipping your fish from the US to Guam.

Besides, if you want to do fishing in Guam at any time throughout the year, there is no license required. However, for deep-sea fishing, you will have to follow some rules and regulations set in the fishing area of Guam.

Can you stop an axolotl in Minecraft from killing tropical fish?

No, there is no way to stop an axolotl from killing tropical fish in Minecraft. In this game, tropical fish is the only thing axolotls eat.

So, axolotls will kill tropical fish to fill their appetite, whether roaming in the wild or getting tamed by the player. Also, they eat buckets of tropical fish to breed and give birth to a baby axolotl, rendering experience points to the player, which, in turn, helps the latter survive in the game.

Why do pet stores continually change the names of tropical fish?

It depends on the pet stores how they will name the tropical fish to sell them off. However, in most cases, pet stores do not change the name of regular fish. But in the case of not-so-well-known fish, some pet stores might change the name to attract customers and make them buy it.

So, if you have come across such a pet store, you can try asking the pet store owner about this straightaway.

What filter media do people use in the bag when transporting tropical fish to avoid ammonia buildup?

When tropical fish are transported in bags, due to their protein metabolism and the quick bacterial action on their waste, ammonia (NH3) build-up is obvious. And the only way to reduce ammonia accumulation is by dropping an effective filter media in the water bag.

It will absorb the fish waste and other accumulated debris to maintain an acceptable ammonia level in the bag. Also, prevent feeding your tropical fish before shipping them in such a bag for a long time. It will keep their intestine and stomach empty, producing lesser waste and ammonia.

Can you put Christmas tree wood in a tropical fish aquarium?

Yes, you can put a Christmas tree wood in your tropical fish aquarium to decorate it. A bonsai Christmas tree wood looks fabulous in a fish aquarium.

It not only makes your fish tank look aesthetic but also provides an ideal spot for your fish to hide and rest. But before choosing a Christmas tree wood, make sure it is weathered, non-toxic, and does not pollute the water in your aquarium.

Why is Petsmart not selling tropical fish after 3 pm daily?

Well, in this case, there is no particular reason as such. However, PetSmart lately confirmed that they have completely stopped selling aquarium fish in most of their stores in Canada because, according to them, the Canadian environment is under the threat of invasive mussels.

So, at present, they are ensuring that the aquariums are appropriately treated before they can resume fish selling.

Is the Vortec 20 air pump used only for reef aquariums or can it be used in a regular freshwater tropical fish aquarium?

The Vortec 20 air pump is mainly used in reef aquariums. However, if you want to use it in a regular freshwater tropical fish aquarium, first consider the type of fish you have.

Vortec 20 primarily makes sure that there is a perfect water flow in the aquarium. Thus, it maintains cleanliness and a natural balance of essential elements in the tank water, helping your aquarium fish maintain good health.

But it must be remembered that tropical freshwater fish do not have the same tolerance for water flow as saltwater fish. So, when you install Vortec 20 in your freshwater aquarium, not all fish will accept this abrupt change in the same way.

Hence, based on the tropical freshwater fish you have and their water flow-related requirements, you must use the Vortec 20 air pump. Besides, you can consult a fish expert for more insightful knowledge on this matter.

Does the shoplifting device at Walmart harm tropical fish?

It depends on the type of shoplifting device Walmart uses. It is reported that after you buy some tropical fish from Walmart stores while checking out, you need to pass your shopping bags through an antitheft device.

An electrical charge is generated in this process, which passes through the water, harming fish massively. Hence, while checking out from a Walmart store, ensure to lift your bags containing tropical fish above the electronic gate of the shoplifting device. Otherwise, your fish would be dead by the next day.

Do pufferfish get along with comets goldfish and tropical fish?

No, you must not keep pufferfish with comets goldfish. Freshwater puffers are indeed cute but notorious fin bitters. And due to this aggressive nature of pufferfish, it is better to keep them alone and your comet goldfish in a separate aquarium or fish tank.

However, if you are looking for the right companion for your pufferfish, choose fish of similar size and avoid large fish.

Besides, pufferfish require warm water while comets goldfish need cold water. So, keeping them in the same tank would also make it difficult to maintain an optimum water temperature for both.

Is KRUD cutter safe for cleaning tropical fish aquariums?

Yes, you can use a KRUD cutter for cleaning your tropical fish aquarium.

You can put two cans of the KRUD cutter in your fish tank and shake it around the bolts or rocks of the aquarium for about half an hour to one hour to remove all the rust stains. Then, you can rinse it off with proper fuel.

However, before putting the tropical fish into the aquarium, make sure that the odor of the chemicals is gone and it is entirely safe to use as a fish tank.

Can you ship live tropical fish with insulated foil bubble box liners instead of bulky insulated boxes?

Yes, you can use insulated foil bubble box liners to ship live tropical fish.

However, before you ship your fish in insulated foil bubble box liners or bulky insulated boxes, make sure ammonia does not get accumulated. Take all the necessary measures and care before putting the fish in any boxes.

Is it possible to remove goldfish from a tank and start using it for tropical fish?

Yes, it is possible. But first, you need to rehome your goldfish before committing to any other fish species.

Then, after removing the goldfish, clean every element inside the tank, and create a suitable aquatic environment needed for the particular tropical fish you want to pet.

Is acupressure treatment available for tropical fish?

Acupressure therapy helps stimulate the human bodies’ hormonal, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. But, as of now, there is no acupressure treatment available for tropical fish. Maybe we might discover acupressure for tropical fish in the future, too.

So, what you can do now is acupuncture your fish. It is a process developed by a fisherman who discovered his style of fish acupuncture after finding the pressure points of a specific fish.

He said that this process calms fish down, makes them move less, and makes their bodies more flexible, letting them occupy less space. Hence, they can be easily transported to long distances.

What can I do to help my green tropical fish after it has accidentally eaten all the food?

If your green tropical fish has eaten all the food accidentally, give it some time to rest and digest the consumed amount.

Do not feed it for at least 1-2 days based on the amount the fish has eaten. Overfeeding a fish can result in critical health problems like low oxygen levels in them, presence of high nitrites and ammonia levels in their bodies, fin rot, fatty liver, improper digestion, and others.

So, avoid overfeeding your fish the next time and give only the needful amount of food in the tank so that there’s no chance of gobbling more food.

Can I keep salmon with tropical fish in Minecraft?

Yes, you can keep Salmon and tropical fish in Minecraft together. But be aware of axolotls because they will chase you for the fish wherever you go.

Well, there are several do’s and don’ts in Minecraft. So, you need to follow them and play accordingly to unleash a great experience.