Minnie B Miller

Resides In

Houston, TX


  • Professional Aquarist and owner of FishInAquarium to empower other fish enthusiasts with expert content on fishkeeping
  • Fish Breeder for nearly 1.5 years at AquaticTX
  • 3 years of experience as an Aquarist at Sea Lion Landing


Minnie B Miller is the owner and the writer of the website FishInAquarium. She provides rich content on raising aquatic pets and plants, overall aquarium maintenance, and even several thought-provoking blogs.

She pours her heart and soul into writing exhaustive articles that are meant to guide beginners and enrich seasoned aquarists’ knowledge further.

She’s been working on her website for over a year and wants to inspire more people into the art of fishkeeping!

Prior to this, she worked for AquaticTX as a fish breeder (July 2018 – February 2020). She planned and executed breeding schedules, maintained tank and water quality, chose compatible breeding pairs, monitored spawning and hatching, and reared and cared for the fry. Other than that, she also managed sales and shipment coordination.

Earlier than that, she worked as an intern at Sea Lion Landing to learn about animals’ needs from a team of expert animal caretakers in 2015. Soon after, she joined their team as an aquarist and worked with them until February 2018.

Her role was to monitor animal behavior and enrichment, focus on their health, and provide them with food, supplements, and medicines. Besides that, she performed water quality tests and maintenance, aesthetic maintenance, database management, and safety protocol maintenance.

She also participated in research and conservation drives, helped in animal acquisition and disposition, and educated visitors.


Minnie attended Clemson University – College of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology in 2013. She also has a certificate in Advanced Open Water Diver from PADI.