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Are fish reptiles? Image of axolotl

Are Fish Reptiles? Yes or No!

Do you often wonder, are fish reptiles? Well, owing to the striking similarities between fish and reptiles, it’s obvious to

Are fish mammals? A collage of fish, shark, elephant and eel

Are Fish Mammals?

Fish are one of the most important and also one of the oldest living creatures in the world. However, there

Are fish cold-blooded? Vector graphic showing temperature.

Are Fish Cold-Blooded?

Fish are aquatic vertebrates. As they dwell in water throughout their lives, it’s pretty obvious for curious minds to come

Do fish have eyelids?

Do Fish Have Eyelids?

Do fish have eyelids? This is exactly what comes to our mind when we look at the wide-open eyes of

Can fish drown?

Can Fish Drown in Water?

Have you ever looked at a fish confidently swimming in the water and wondered can a fish drown? You are

How do fish sleep?

How Do Fish Sleep?

Do fish sleep? And how do fish sleep? These are probably the most common questions that pop in mind whenever


11 Non-Fish Aquarium Pets

You’ve got an aquarium, and you’re not quite ready to adopt a fish yet, or perhaps you want to add