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Six-banded Distichodus

  Distichodus Care Guide     Category Rating Level of care Intermediate – Advanced Temperament Aggressive, Loners Appearance The fish


Aspidoras Fuscoguttatus

Aspidoras Care Guide   Category Rating Level of care Easy Temperament Peaceful Appearance Many varieties available Life expectancy 5 Years


Metynnis argenteus Species Profile

 Metynnis Care Guide   Category Rating Level of care Intermediate Temperament Peaceful Appearance almost round in appearance and colored silver

Deep-water hap

Deep-water hap 

Deep-water hap Introduction Cichlids are undoubtedly one of the major attractions among aquarium trades but what’s the most eye-catching among



Characiformes Introduction  Jaws-toothed fish are always a remarkable excitement for aquarists. Among those families, It always come as one of



Xiphophorus Introduction  A small tank may fit in your office or room space, but what amazing fish can fit into


Lamprologus Care Guide

  Lamprologus Introduction Looking for setting up an aqua space with small, carnivorous fish in your home or your private


Gasteropelecidae Care Guide

gasteropelecidae Introduction    When it comes to the beautiful community tank, it is not always about something beautiful and elegant.

glass bloodfin

glass bloodfin Care Guide

    glass bloodfin Intro   Are you yearning for a peaceful fish that does not demand high requirements to


Tropheops Complete Care Guide

Tropheops Introduction    If you are a beginner and want to add something beautiful without having to conduct such complex

marbled sleeper

Marbled Sleeper Care Guide

Marbled Sleeper Introduction    Are you having a large aquarium that you will want to fill with amazing creatures inside