About FishInAquarium

At FishInAquarium, we are dedicated to bringing the captivating world of aquatic life right into your home.

Formerly owned by Aapt Dubey, FishInAquarium has now undergone a transformation under the passionate leadership of Minnie B Miller, an experienced aquarist with a deep love for all things fish-related.

With more that 8 years of hands-on experience, education, and a genuine love for aquatic creatures, Minnie has honed her expertise in fishkeeping. Minnie’s personal journey has given her a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of aquarium ownership, and she is here to share her wisdom with you.

Our mission at FishInAquarium is to be your go-to resource for aquarium fish care. Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or just beginning your fishkeeping journey, we have something for everyone. From comprehensive fish care guides that delve into the characteristics, requirements, and compatibility of various species with each other, to step-by-step tutorials on setting up and maintaining your aquariums, we’ve got you covered.

At FishInAquarium, we also understand the importance of responsible fishkeeping and conservation. We strive to promote sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and the preservation of our precious aquatic environments.

Together we can make a positive impact on the well-being of our fish friends and the world they inhabit.

Let’s build aquariums that bring immense joy to you and your fin-buddies!

– Minnie and the FishInAquarium Team