Golden Axolotl Overview, Appearance and Health Issues

Golden axolotl (aka golden albino axolotls) is a unique pet that can bring a splash of color to your tank with its bright golden-yellow color.

Docile and easy to care for, it can be kept in a 20-gallon tank and cared for by anyone who has a bit of experience in fishkeeping. It requires the same care as standard axolotls.

If you’re curious to learn more, let’s explore its intriguing world.

Note: For in-depth guidance on raising, caring, and breeding this axolotl, be sure to refer to the comprehensive axolotl care guide.

What are the Genetics of Golden Axolotl?

The color of an axolotl comes from pigment cells called chromatophores, including melanophores for black color, xanthophores for yellow and reddish hues, and iridophores for iridescence.

Golden axolotls lack melanophores due to albinism, resulting in their golden color. Xanthophores and iridophores are unaffected, giving them a shiny appearance with golden skin and iridescent spots.

How do Golden Axolotl Look?

Golden axolotl eggs take 2 to 3 weeks to hatch, appearing white if the mother is also a visual albino. When hatched, they are almost white, resembling albino axolotls.

After 3 weeks, legs start forming, and the yellow color of the adult becomes prominent. However, the development rate depends on temperature and feeding.

As they grow, the yellow color deepens, maintaining the golden hue of the adult. Sometimes, they exhibit bright shades like yellow and orange-gold.

They have reflective speckles and spots on their body and eyes in shades of pink, yellow, and white. The axolotls also have a shiny golden ring around the pupil of their eyes. Their external gills are peachy with a yellowish tint.

What are the Health Issues with Golden Axolotl?

Golden albino axolotls lack pigment in their eyes, making them more sensitive to light. They also have poorer vision than other axolotl types. So, it is advisable to be kept in a dimly lit area and should not have a bright light in their tanks.

What is the Cost of Golden Axolotl?

The cost of a golden axolotl varies based on age, gender, and appearance. Juveniles range from $30 to $70.

They are rare in pet stores due to their need for cool temperatures. You can mostly find them through hobbyists or specialized suppliers.

A word from FishInAquarium

These vibrant creatures can enrich your collection and elevate its aesthetic charm. However, before welcoming a golden axolotl into your home, ensure you research their care requirements thoroughly.

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