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Which Fish to keep in Pond questions

My pond fish just had babies how long after Can I go get additional fish from the store

You need to wait for at least 4-5 days to understand the behavior of the baby fish.

As soon as your female fish gives birth in the pond, try to understand the behavior of the parent and baby fish. Then, you need to take utmost care of the pond for a few days until the newbies get habituated with the surroundings.

You need to maintain the water as per their needs and feed them correctly. Also, based on the nature of the fish species, you may need to rehome the baby fish in a separate pond or tank for some days. And in this case, you can add more fish into the pond after 72 hours of rehoming the baby fish.

Do you need a permit for a small 18 deep 3 round fish pond in Wicomico County MD?

If you reside in Wicomico County, MD, and want to build a small pond in your home, you need to get a permit for it under Environment Article 5-503. Also, you need to abide by specific guidelines for doing so.

As per law, your pond’s drainage area needs to be less than 640 acres, and the depth of the pond must be less than 20 ft. Also, your small pond must have ergonomic design features that can mitigate thermal discharges.

Need pump for fish pond 55000 gph

Several pumps can offer a huge flow rate of 55000GPH in your fish pond. You can search for them in your local market. Or look out for such a pump in the online shopping portal.

However, before purchasing a pump online, do not forget to check its manufacturer details and customer reviews. Always look for a pump that can withstand your needs.

Is it okay to feed my pond fish near their beds?

Yes, you can undoubtedly feed your pond fish near the beds. However, you must see that the place doesn’t get dirty.

Hence, provide them only with the amount of food they can consume and not more than that. If you see excess food to be left over on the bed, remove it as soon as possible, or it will end up contaminating your pond water and harming your fish health.

What type of porcelain media pieces are used in filters for fish ponds?

The type of porcelain media pieces you need for the filters of your pond fish depends on the type, size, and design of the filter.

You can get the needful filter media from the local stores. Or, do a little bit of research based on the model of your filter and look for the porcelain media pieces in online stores to get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Measuring 10 ppm chlorine in my outdoor fish pond will this kill my goldfish

Yes, having 10 ppm chlorine in your outside fish pond can kill your goldfish.

Chlorine is a powerful oxidant that is toxic to most fish only at a level of 0.1-0.3 ppm. However, the best would be to maintain the level below 0.001-0.003 ppm, or it can lead to severe health issues in your pond fish, especially goldfish.

Is elastomeric safe to use in a fish pond?

Yes, elastomeric paint is safe to use in your fish pond.

Elastomeric paints mainly act as a waterproofing agent available at a reasonable price. Several koi pond owners having a tight budget uses elastomeric paint to waterproof their pond’s interior, which seems to work fine. But it needs to be cured properly, or else it will peel off.

So, the best thing you can do is take expert advice as they will be able to rightly suggest to you whether you need to use elastomeric or not, based on the type of pond and species of fish you have.

Is it safe to pond fish to use JB Weld glue on pond fountain?

No, it is not safe to use JB Weld glue on the pond fountain of your fish pond.

Several people say that this glue lacks adequate adhesive characteristics; hence, it does not stick properly. Also, a few users complained that it is slightly toxic for pond fish.

So, if you want to use JB Weld glue, talk with the manufacturer directly about the purpose for which you will need it. You can also seek expert advice and look for alternatives for a better fix.

How do you get rid of cockleburs that are mature around a fishing pond?

Management of cocklebur weed is tricky. And as it is toxic to animals, you cannot expect to control it by grazing.

So, a few other alternative control methods are available to remove mature cocklebur weeds grown around your fish pond. You can either remove them by hand pulling or opt for chemical processes.

Though using chemicals would consume less time and be quite effective, there would be chances for the toxic chemicals to leach out into the pond water. So, it is recommended to look for chemicals composed of environment-friendly organic elements that wouldn’t hurt the fish in your pond.

How do I keep an above ground 300 gallon stock tank cool for a fish pond?

First of all, look for a perfect area in your home to place a 300-gallon stock tank. However, before installing it, make a strong base for the tank.

Then, position your stock tank properly, fill it with water, and let it sit for at least 3 days so that the chlorine can evaporate. Look for aquatic plants that are oxygenators, marginals, and deep-water aquatics. The presence of these plants will maintain coolness in your tank to some extent.

Besides, you can also equip the tank with a cooler fan and filter to keep it cool above the ground. If you reside in a tropical country, you can even install a chiller in your stock tank to maintain a suitable water temperature for your fish.

Is seaweed plant fertilizer harmful to fish ponds?

Yes, any fertilizer that is not made solely for aquarium use can prove to be harmful to your fish pond and its inhabitants.

So, before you add any fertilizer or other chemical constituents to your pond, read the directions of use on their package labels carefully. Do not use it until it is recommended.

Also, consider the type of fish you have. Not every product available in the market will be suitable for every kind of fish.

How big is Dwayne Johnson’S fish pond?

Dwyane Johnson, the famous American wrestler cum actor, loves fishing. Hence, he has built private big-sized fishing ponds at his Virginia farms.

He recently showed off a stripe Bass raised in his pond on his social media accounts. Dwyane said he built a beautiful ecosystem for his fish.

Thus, it clearly shows that he has built such big-size fish ponds solely out of his passion and love for the aquatic world and its creatures.

Fish ponds in backyard ordinance Do you need a permit

No, you can easily build a fish pond in your backyard without requiring a permit or license. There is no law against digging a pond on the land you own.

However, make sure you do not violate any regulations set by your local government. Hence, it is always suggested to research local, national, and global rules and regulations regarding developing a fish pond in your owned property.

If you live in a rented house, you must seek permission to build a fish pond from your homeowner or landlord.

How to reach equilibrium in a fish pond?

Maintaining equilibrium in a fish pond is essential. Otherwise, it may succumb to entropy effects or lead to disorders.

First, you need to reduce algae produced in your fish pond as an outcome of overexposure to sunlight. So, look for the best algae removers for this purpose.

Also, remove the debris and sludge from your fish pond. Sludge occurs from decomposed organic materials and broken-down uneaten fish food. Hence, equip an effective filter to do away with these matters and keep the fish pond clean.

Moreover, repair the leaks in your fish pond, if any. Look for the source of the leakage and fix it as soon as possible.

And last but not least, maintain the quality of the pond water. Make sure there is a sufficient amount of oxygen in the water column for your fish to breathe properly. Also, maintain an optimum pH level for your fish’s good health.

Is 5 * 8 small for a fish pond?

Yes, 5*8 is too small a size for a fish pond.

Nevertheless, you can keep a few small-sized fish in it, but make sure it is not overcrowded. Too many fish in such a small pond will make things difficult for you to manage.

So, if you want to build a fish pond, keep it at least 6*4 m. Then, after having a good experience, you can enlarge the volume and size of your pond.

What fake pirate coins are safe in fish pond?

You can make use of plastic pirate coins in your fish pond.

Nevertheless, whatever you do, make sure you do not throw actual coins in your fish pond because they contain copper, a highly poisonous metal for your aqua pets that can result in their death.

So, whenever you want to use fake pirate coins in your fish pond, make sure that it is not toxic and safe for your fish. Hence, go through the instructions given at the back of the pack before purchasing these fake pirate coins for your fish pond.

Dream of restoration of old fish pond

Yes, you can easily bring your old fish pond back to life by making minimal efforts.

First, you need to check the current condition of your old fish pond. Then, look into the existing problems like debris, overgrown weeds, or insufficient irrigation.

Also, if the pond is not too deep, you can get into it to assess the depth and check how the edges look. Then, you need to look for the drainage system and pumps.

After that, you will have to aerate the place to bring in your fish. And for doing so, use a water pump. Then, dig it out.

If your debris includes rocks, you will need bigger equipment to remove it. Then, gradually eliminate the waste that clogs your fish pond and clear unwanted plants grown inside.

Soon after the old damages are replenished, you need to kill the algae and introduce helpful bacteria. Next, put numerous aquatic plants for beautifying the space. Then, wait for a few days until the pond heals itself.

Finally, after everything is done, you can add water to it, allow it to sit for a few days, and release your fish into it.

Getting rid of fish pond what to do with fish LG regular pond on street can I put them in it

Yes, you can get rid of a fish pond anytime you want. All you need to do is rehome your pond fish. You can keep them in a regular pond if it has good water quality and a stable aquatic environment.

Also, it depends on the type of fish you have. Not every fish will do good in a regular pond. For this, you need to research online about the fish species you have to see if it is safe to rehome them in a regular fish pond or not.

Way people use banana trunk in fish ponds

Using banana trunks in fish ponds can be fruitful as they are alkaline by nature and rich in potassium. Thus, it helps to keep the pH level in the pond intact.

However, make sure not to leave it for a long time because it can start to rot after some days and harm the pond’s water quality. So, place it into your fish pond only for a few days until it starts to deteriorate.

Why are pond fish flakes out of stock and hike in price?

Due to the increasing aqua market and fish hobbyists, pond fish flakes are high in demand. But this unexpectedly rising demand and incompetent supply chain often cause your required fish flakes to go out of stock or have a massive hike in their price.

So, if you’re unable to find it in a particular aqua store, look for the product in some other store. Or, you can even check out various online shopping platforms for specific fish food.

Usually, eCommerce portals have a vast inventory of products, unlike any supermarket store. So, it might be easier to find such fish flake food items online, which are often out of stock in physical outlets, and that too at a discounted price.

My large gold pond fish have tumors o their body’S Is there something I can do to help them

If your goldfish has external tumors, secondary topical treatments like cryotherapy and surgical excision are needed. However, in the case of internal tumors, it will need surgery.

So, as soon as you notice a bump on your goldfish, get in touch with a fish vet and ask for potential advice to cure the disease at an initial stage.

Can I use an old cast iron tub for a fish pond?

No, you should not use an old cast iron tub for your fish pond.

Iron is a poisonous chemical that can potentially damage the gills of your fish. Also, it may lead to secondary fungal and bacterial infections, eventually killing your fish.

So, if you want to use a tub for the pond, look for alternatives made of non-toxic materials that are relatively safer for your fish.

Looking for bags that go over pool motors in fish pond

If you are looking for bags that can go over pool motors in your fish pond, there is nothing to worry about.

There are plenty of stores in your locality where you can find such bags. Also, you can look for such bags online. However, always opt for the best quality bags and make sure that it doesn’t damage the water quality of your pond.